Discounts for Classic Debate Camp 2021: 

Non-Ohio Student Travel Discount If you will be traveling to CDC at Miami University from outside of Ohio, take an additional $100 discount to help with travel expenses. If you fly into the Cincinnati airport, we will provide free ground transportation from the airport to camp and back.

Returning Student Discount If you attended CDC in a previous year, take an additional $75 discount.

Multiple Students Discount If two or more students from the same school are coming to CDC, each student receives an additional $50 discount.

Paying by Check Discount If you pay the camp tuition by check, take an additional $25 discount.

Commuting Camper Discount If you live near Miami University and would like to sleep at home while attending CDC, take an additional $250 discount (or $125 for one minicamp). 

Full tuition for Classic Debate Camp in person at Miami University, Ohio, including dorm room and all meals:

  • PF or LD (July 10-18):  $1990

  • Extemp (July 10-14):  $950

  • Congress (July 14-18):  $500

PLEASE NOTE: For increased health and safety, our plan is to house all students in single dorm rooms at no additional charge.

Full Tuition for Classic Debate Camp -Virtual (July 26-30 and August 2-6):

  • LD only:  $1290

Tuition may be paid in monthly installments: 

Individualized monthly payment plans are available.


Refund Policy: 

In light of the unprecedented circumstances we are all in, Classic Debate Camp is adopting a new policy regarding refunds for 2021. If a student withdraws 90 days prior to the start of camp in the summer of 2021, we will issue a refund of the tuition paid minus a fee of $100. If a student withdraws 30 days prior to the start of camp, we will issue a refund of the tuition paid minus a fee of $250. After 30 days prior to the start of camp, no refunds will be given. 


If we are not able to hold Classic Debate Camp at Miami University in 2021 due to health and safety concerns, students will have the option to switch to Classic Debate Camp-Virtual and receive a refund for the difference in tuition. If our in person camp is cancelled and a student chooses not to participate in CDC-Virtual, he or she will be given a full refund of tuition paid. 


CDC's Champion Instructors, from left to right: 

Eva Lamberson, 2018 LD National Champion (NCFL)

Isaiah Paik, 2018 City Club of Cleveland Champion

Nick Protasiewicz, 2018 and 2019 LD State Champion

Grace Johannes, 2019 LD National Champion (NSDA)

Natalie Schaller, 2017 LD National Champion (NSDA)

Kasey Pukys, 2018 IX State Champion

Kiran Krishnamurthi, 2019 PF State Champion

David Lyons, 2019 WSD National Champion

Scholarship Opportunities:

Classic Debate Camp grants scholarships of up to 75% off full tuition to campers who demonstrate financial need and who are recommended by their coaches for their dedication to debate, their contribution to their team, and their potential for growth and leadership. To request information about how to apply for a Classic Debate Camp scholarship, send us an email by clicking here.

The Voices Foundation is an organization that gives scholarships to students so that they can attend any debate camp. For information about their program go to In 2020, seven Classic Debate Camp campers received scholarships from Voices, ranging from $350 to $600.

Make a Contribution to the Classic Debate Camp Scholarship Fund: 

Each year about 20% of our campers have received some financial assistance to participate in our program. We are committed to giving scholarships to as many students as we can. If you would like to help make Classic Debate Camp more affordable for low-income students, you can make a contribution by sending us a check or by making a credit card payment. Click here to do so. Thank you!