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Testimonials from 2020 Parents:

This was my daughter's third year as a participant for a reason -- she has enjoyed the CDC community, has progressively sharpened her debate skills and made some amazing friends. The virtual format this year was far more effective than we expected it to be -- and a sorely needed bright spot during these trying times. Bravo, CDC! - Jeanine Gergel

CDC-V was a wonderful learning experience, the knowledgeable staff were encouraging and did their very best to make learning virtually fun and interactive, kudos! My kids were motivated to research and write and spend their downtime interacting with staff and kids. A great kickstart for the season! - Kim Jordan

CDC was a learning experience both debate wise and community wise and it succeeded in growing Nate's love for the activity and his skills in the activity. - Mike Rich


I just want to note that in my experience as a sleepaway camper and counselor (a long time ago), everything depends on the atmosphere created by the person in charge. From two summers' experience through my son, my sense is that the atmosphere at CDC is caring but directed, that is, the campers feel like their well-being and development is the most important thing, and that they are in the hands of people who are paying attention and making sure that people treat each other right. CDC has been an invaluable experience for my son, helping him learn how to debate and how to be the kind of debater he wants to be, and I can't recommend it strongly enough. - Sam Cohen


My daughter is only moderately enthusiastic about debate, but we encouraged her to attend and she absolutely loved it. The instructors are extremely supportive and knowledgeable, and the camp is set up with "labs" that give a terrific sense of community and mutual support among small sub-groups of debaters. The instructional sessions were also first-rate. I cannot imagine a better experience for any high school student, whether she is a serious debater or just interested in learning speaking and debate skills. I sure wish I'd had this camp before I went to law school. - Wendy Wagner 

CDC is hands down best debate camp available for kids interested in Speech & Debate. - Naheed Chinwalla

My daughter was extremely impressed and thoroughly enjoyed her experience as a first time camper with Classic Debate Camp. We definitely won't miss the opportunity to be back for future camps! - Jason Kilgore