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Testimonials from Parents:

Our son came to camp excited to compete against other passionate debaters. He left camp not only a better debater, but a better person. He now understands the role debate can play in elevating all participants as well as his role in making the debate community inclusive and supportive. - BJ & Lynn Floyd


CDC is a tremendously organized, all inclusive summer camp experience that will take your child’s debate skills to the next level. The care and consideration of the CDC staff exceeded our expectations. This opportunity gave my child a place to share and grow his passion and increase his network of friends, peers and mentors. - Indie Bal


CDC was fantastic. The instruction was relevant, informative, clearly presented, and useful. The counselors were enthusiastic, encouraging and genuine. My child developed new skills and developed significantly as a debater. The fellow campers were fun and great to be around. My child made new friends and great memories at CDC. She can't wait to apply everything she's learned! - Joy Kleinhenz


My daughter said, "At first, I wasn't so sure if I would enjoy the camp - or debate in general. But thanks to great mentors and friends who helped me, it became quite fun." - June Jang


Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Director and Staff of CDC. My son thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the camp. He loved the labs, getting to interact with other debaters, and developing his LD skills, and he said he didn't even mind losing his rounds in the camp tournament because he said he was still learning from that experience too. He cannot wait to take the knowledge he acquired and share it with future LD debaters. And he instantly in the car ride home begged to go back next summer, which we just signed up for!!! Great job everyone!!! We will be recommending this camp to anyone who does LD at his school in the future. - Michelle Gray

Our daughter had a wonderful experience learning in the camp. She said the instructors in her lab were a perfect match for her. She learned different skills and strategies from them. She walked from fear to confidence and was greatly encouraged by others. She said it was such a pleasure to meet and learn from the amazing people at CDC. Everyone was nice and caring. - Philip Yang


My son enjoyed working with lab instructors who were former competitors themselves and learning from their success. Most of all he enjoyed making friendships with debaters from across the state and country. I appreciate that Classic Debate Camp keeps philosophical instruction as one of the core components to Lincoln-Douglas Debate instruction. - Robert Duncan


The skills our daughter learned at CDC have boosted her confidence and left her eager to begin the 2022-2023 debate season. She speaks highly of the instructors and of the new friends that she has made from all over the country. CDC has been an outstanding experience from beginning to end. See you next year! - Tracy Baxter

I feel that the Classic Debate Camp was very helpful in terms of my child's development. It was great for her to get such specialized teaching/coaching, which is not something she gets to have on her high school team. She's been longing for an opportunity to grow in her Lincoln-Douglas debate skills, but couldn't get valuable feedback from her coaches to help her sharpen her skills. So, this camp has been very helpful and beneficial. - Trenae Baker

I've never seen my son so happy about a camp. He was buoyant for days afterward and repeatedly said how much he liked the instructors and that they were of such high quality. I'm thrilled both that he had so much fun and that he got so much out of camp. As a parent, I was also very happy with how everything was well run and organized. Great job, Mr. Paik and team! – David Brown


CDC provided invaluable experience and insight which my son had never before experienced, participating in debate at a small school with a small debate program. The talented group of coaches have profoundly affected my son’s growth in debate. His growth was immediate. He also had a great time with the other students at the camp and will surely miss his new friends. I highly recommend this camp for students that might not have school teams with the necessary support to be competitive at all levels. – David Riebe


My daughter absolutely loved everything about CDC.  She enjoyed the labs, the intellectual challenge, and especially the camaraderie of her fellow students. She returned from Ohio almost giddy with joy. Thank you for providing her with a wonderful introduction to debate. – Elizabeth Gonzalez

Classic Debate Camp has been life changing for my daughter! Not only was camp her first real (longer than 3 days) experience away from home, it was also a huge confidence booster for her! Learning new debate techniques and debating individuals at different levels expanded her knowledge and helped her gain confidence. I highly recommend Classic Debate Camp! – Jessica Heck

“Mom, I was hesitant to go at first; however, it was so much fun. Please make sure that I sign up for next year ASAP.” – Jinisha Patel

I just want to note that in my experience as a sleepaway camper and counselor (a long time ago), everything depends on the atmosphere created by the person in charge. From two summers' experience through my son, my sense is that the atmosphere at CDC is caring but directed, that is, the campers feel like their well-being and development is the most important thing, and that they are in the hands of people who are paying attention and making sure that people treat each other right. CDC has been an invaluable experience for my son, helping him learn how to debate and how to be the kind of debater he wants to be, and I can't recommend it strongly enough. – Sam Cohen


My daughter is only moderately enthusiastic about debate, but we encouraged her to attend and she absolutely loved it. The instructors are extremely supportive and knowledgeable, and the camp is set up with "labs" that give a terrific sense of community and mutual support among small sub-groups of debaters. The instructional sessions were also first-rate. I cannot imagine a better experience for any high school student, whether she is a serious debater or just interested in learning speaking and debate skills. I sure wish I'd had this camp before I went to law school. – Wendy Wagner


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