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Congratulations to CDC Camper/ Instructor Owen Tilman for Winning 3rd in LD at Nationals! 

Also, big congratulations to CDC Camper Tristan Williams for winning 3rd Best Speaker in LD at the 2023 NSDA national tournament.
Altogether 32 former campers competed at the NSDA national tournament! It was so much fun to see you all in Phoenix! Our national qualifiers included 5 in LD: Sam Bowen, Liz ChoDivya Shanmugam, Owen Tilman, and Tristan Williams. 7 in PF: Colin Hsieh and Aidan Krishnaney, Colin Moore and Ben Wilkinson, Gabe Floyd and Henry Shang, and Rohan Athavale. 2 in IX: Tristan Miller and Jasmine Shone. 1 in USX: Guhan Krishnan. 4 in Congressional Debate: Hayden Frazee, Abigail Meighen, Bohan Pan, and Nikki Stein. 10 in World Schools: Arveen Alaeddini, Maya Baxter, Maggie Chen, Ella Jewell, Steven Kim, Wes McGovern, Sharanya Nair, Lucy Papini, Abby Poprocki, and Chris Rhodes. 1 in Extemp Debate: Tarika Kahlon. 1 in OO: Elandrea Baker. And 1 in Big Questions: Sachet Pati.
Additionally, 2 new CDC Staff Members competed at the 2023 NSDA Nationals as well: Hannah Owens Pierre in LD and Luke Wagner in PF. Congrats to Hannah for winning 1st place in the LD Speaker Awards this year!

Congratulations to the 2023 Missouri Public Forum Champions, Bohan Pan and Eric Fan! 

At the Missouri state tournament, Bohan Pan and Eric Fan were 5-3 in prelim ballots, barely advancing to elimination rounds. But then they defeated the 2nd seeded  team in quarters 3-0, the 5th seed in semis 3-0, and finally the 1st seed in the finals 2-1. Bohan and Eric attended Classic Debate Camp in 2022, the summer between 9th and 10th grade. At camp their PF instructors were Madelynn Einhorn, Sukhm Kang, Abraham Paik, Ananth Menon, and Krish Mawalkar. During the school year, Bohan and Eric debate for LaDue Horton Watkins High School in St. Louis.

CDC LDer Sam Bowen Wins 2023 Cleveland City Club Championship! 

Sam Bowen attended Classic Debate Camp in 2020 and in 2021. In 2020, he participated in the PF division, and in 2021, he switched to LD. In Sam's LD lab, the CDC instructors were Maya Arora (2017, 2019 NCFL champion), Nehal Chigurupati (2019 NSDA runner-up), and Katie Blowers. To watch the full City Club debate round, click here.

2022-2023 Classic Debate Camp Tournament Champions

Lincoln-Douglas Debate:

November 5, Edison

Ella Jewell


November 12, Highland

Chris Rhodes

November 12, Princeton

Robert Einhorn

November 19, Copley

Divya Shanmugam


November 19, Olentangy

Robert Einhorn

December 3, Perrysburg

Rachel Horowitz

December 10, Vermilion

Priya Datt

December 10, Archbishop Moeller

Rachel Horowitz

December 17, Glenoak

Sam Bowen

December 17, Otsego

Phoenix Smith

January 8, Canfield

Owen Tritt


January 21, University (online):

Zaid Ashruf

International Extemporaneous:

November 5, Perry

Guhan Krishnan

November 12, Princeton 

Guhan Krishnan

November 19, Mentor 

Guhan Krishnan

March 3-4, Ohio State Tournament 

Guhan Krishnan

United States Extemporaneous:

November 12, Highland

Jacob Hannan

December 17, McKinley

Jacob Hannan

January 28, Norton

Jacob Hannan

Public Forum Debate:

October 29-30, Quarry Lane

Rebecca Tang & Ramsey Haunaio

November 12, Highland

Colin Moore & Ben Wilkinson


December 16-17, Glenoak

Colin Moore & Ben Wilkinson

January 7, Brecksville

Aidan Krishnaney & Colin Hsieh

January 14, Wooster

Colin Moore & Ben Wilkinson

January 21, Hoover

Adam Stano & Dylan Molter

April 20-22, Missouri State Tournament

Bohan Pan and Eric Fan


Congressional Debate:

November 19, Copley

Hayden Frazee

December 3, New Philadelphia

Hayden Frazee

December 9, Perry

Hayden Frazee

December 10, Wausseon

Nikki Stein

December 17, McKinley

Hayden Frazee

December 17, Otsego

Nikki Stein

January 21, University (online):

Anushka Chaba

January 21, Sylvania

Nikki Stein

January 21, Hoover

Hayden Frazee

January 28, Napolean

Nikki Stein

January 28, Solon

Hayden Frazee

CDC Campers at the 2023 Ohio State Tournament

State Qualifiers (bids)

  • Hayden Frazee in Congress

  • Abigail Meighen in Congress

  • Nikki Stein in Congress

  • Guhan Krishnan in IX

  • Tristan Miller in IX

  • Sam Bowen in LD

  • Maggie Chen in LD

  • Robert Einhorn in LD

  • Rachel Horowitz in LD

  • Ella Jewell in LD

  • Bhuvan Meruga in LD

  • Divya Shanmugam in LD

  • Phoenix Smith in LD

  • Tristan Williams in LD

  • Spencer Drylie & Matthew Lee in PF

  • Dylan Molter & Adam Stano in PF

  • Colin Moore & Ben Wilkinson in PF

  • Anisha Rawal & Shakthi Prabhakaran in PF

  • Becky Walker & Madison Orlando in PF

  • Jacob Hannan in USX

State Qualifiers (districts)

  • Carter Garrison in Congress

  • Sol Rivera in IX

  • Jasmine Shone in IX

  • Arveen Alaeddini in LD

  • Zaid Ashruf in LD

  • Avalon Ayres in LD

  • Colin Barberic in LD

  • Maya Baxter in LD

  • Mya Colella in LD

  • Joey Duncan in LD

  • Steven Kim in LD

  • Megan Kleinhenz in LD

  • Nishka Mishra in LD

  • Sharanya Nair in LD

  • Sachet Pati in LD

  • Christopher Rhodes in LD

  • Reyan Shariff in LD

  • Aayush Vishwanath in LD

  • Esther Yang in LD

  • Daniel Zakari in LD

  • Colin Hsieh & Aidan Krishnaney in PF

  • Sam Mathews & Raaghav Lele in PF

  • Ryan Wang & Zayn Anwar in PF

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