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Classic Debate Camp Welcomes Ann Smith, Our 6th Coaching Fellow

Classic Debate Camp offers a special professional development opportunity for coaches who want to learn how to teach Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, and/or Congressional Debate or who want to develop their ability to coach those events. Coaching Fellows attend the full duration of camp (July 15-23, 2023) and can sit in on all lectures, lab meetings, and electives. They can observe our outstanding instructors at work with all levels of debaters. Not only do they deepen their understanding of the events, they also pick up many useful  coaching tips and techniques. In 2023, Ann Smith of Springboro High School will be our sixth Coaching Fellow. If you are interested in being a Classic Debate Camp Coaching Fellow, please email us.

Ann Smith is an experienced high school physics and chemistry teacher. Mrs. Smith believes that hands-on experiments, interactive discussions, and real-life applications of scientific concepts are crucial in helping students grasp complex theories. She began her academic journey by pursuing a degree in Music Performance from Bowling Green State University. While in college, Mrs. Smith joined the military to serve her country. She enlisted in the United States Army, where she was commissioned as an officer and worked in petroleum and water logistics for 22 years. During her military service, Mrs. Smith completed her undergraduate degree. After retiring from the Army, Mrs. Smith pursued a Master of Science at the University of Dayton specializing in High School Science Education. Her unique combination of military discipline and academic expertise allows her to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment in her classroom.

Beyond the classroom, Mrs. Smith is the coach for the Springboro High School Speech and Debate Team. She is also the coach for the SHS Rocketry Club. And she organizes science fairs, encourages participation in national science competitions, and guides aspiring young scientists in their research endeavors. She is very excited to attend CDC2023 and to learn alongside of the CDC campers. 

Our first coaching fellow was Kevin McDougal of Perry High School; he attended CDC in 2018. Our second coaching fellow was Nick McFadden of Highland High School; he attended CDC in 2019. Our third and fourth coaching fellows were Kim Jordan of Athens High School and Jeff Pierce of University School; they both attended Classic Debate Camp-Virtual in 2020. In 2021, Robert Duncan of Louisville High School and Alliance High School was our fifth coaching fellow. 

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