Classic Debate Camp™  Invites  New Coaching Fellows in 2021


Classic Debate Camp offers a special program for coaches who want to learn how to teach Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, Extemporaneous Speaking, and/or Congressional Debate or who want to improve their ability to coach those events. They can attend the full duration of camp (July 10-18, 2021, or July 26-August 6, 2021) and sit in on all lectures, lab meetings, and electives. They can observe our outstanding instructors at work with all levels of debaters. Not only will they deepen their understanding of the events, they will also pick up many effective coaching techniques. Our first coaching fellow was Mr. Kevin McDougal of Perry High School; he attended CDC in 2018. Our second coaching fellow was Mr. Nick McFadden of Highland High School; he attended CDC in 2019. Our third and fourth coaching fellows were Ms. Kim Jordan of Athens High School and Mr. Jeff Pierce or University School If you are a new coach and would like to participate in the CDC Coaching Fellowship program, please email us at for more information.

Ms. Jordan serves as the volunteer debate coach for Athens High School. She is also an Assistant Professor of Instruction and the Director of the Strategic Leadership Certificate in the Walter Center for Strategic Leadership at Ohio University College of Business. Her research interests are in storytelling, engagement, and leadership. Before Ms. Jordan began her teaching career, she was a registered nurse and also instructor of nurses for 13 years. After being a CDC parent and seeing how much her own children learned from their CDC instructors, Ms. Jordan decided to attend CDC as well! She was especially excited to learn how to help her students strengthen their cases and also how to prepare them for online competition. 

Mr. Jeff Pierce is the Middle School speech and debate coach at University School in Shaker Heights, Ohio, where he also teaches Grade 7 & 8 Social Studies. Mr. Pierce holds a Master’s in Educational Technology from Michigan State, where he also studied game design. Prior to joining University School in 2018, Mr. Pierce lived and worked at a number of international schools in Hong Kong as History Department Head. His hobbies include nonstop reading, geocaching, playing the classic board game Diplomacy, spending time with his young children, and getting over reverse culture shock after 14 years abroad. Mr. Pierce plans to use his experience at CDC last summer to continue developing the Middle School program at US, which is still relatively new.

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