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Sukhm Kang
Instructor - Public Forum

Sukhm Kang competed in Public Forum for University School in Ohio. He served as the PF captain his senior year. Throughout his career, Sukhm amassed a total of 10 gold bids to the Tournament of Champions. His most notable accomplishments include: Ohio State Champion, Champion of the Blake Invitational, Champion of the Durham Invitational, and Finals at the Stanford Invitational. Sukhm is currently studying applied math at the University of Chicago, where he is a junior. When he is not working on debate, Sukhm enjoys playing tennis and the guitar. He believes you can do well in debate without talking fast. Sukhm is excited to pass on his word economy and slow speaking style to campers at CDC. 

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Madelynn Einhorn
Instructor - Public Forum

Madelynn Einhorn graduated from Western Kentucky University, where she studied Political Science, Economics, and Geographic Information Systems. She is currently pursuing her master’s in Geographic Data Science at the London School of Economics. She attended Oakwood High School and debated in policy and public forum, qualifying for NSDA nationals three times and advancing to elimination rounds twice. In college, Madelynn was the first person in the National Forensics Association to win the season’s most competitive invitational tournament, The Garlock Gala, three years in a row. In 2022, she won the LD Grand Prix National Tournament and earned top speaker. She also judged the 2022 NSDA Policy Debate final round. Outside of debate, Madelynn does research and has published articles in The Diplomat, The Hill, and The National Interest. Madelynn was a CDC instructor in 2018, 2020, and 2022. 


Krish Mawalkar

Instructor - Public Forum

Krish Mawalkar debated for Upper Arlington High School for four years and served as the co-captain of the debate team his senior year. That year, he created the Public Forum Debate Academy on YouTube. His videos include discussions with Harvard’s Undergraduate Economics Director Jeffrey Miron on drug legalization, former NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller on NATO-Turkey  relations, Georgetown Professor Seth Johnston on NATO history, and University of Amsterdam Professor Ruud van Dyke on Turkish foreign policy. Krish is also a brief writer for DebateTrack. At the Classic Debate Camp December Tournament, Krish won the Competitors' Choice Award in PF. He is an avid supporter of people who wear turtlenecks at debate competitions and is excited to bring his sartorial genius to CDC this summer along with his expertise in PF debate.

Ananth Menon
Instructor - Public Forum

Ananth Menon competed for four years in Public Forum debate for University School in Ohio, serving as PF captain his senior year. On the national circuit, Ananth was a three-time qualifier to the Tournament of Champions, amassing 10 career bids. During his junior year, Ananth finished 2nd in PF at the 2021 TOC and reached late elimination rounds in all 13 national circuit tournaments he competed at. In Ohio, Ananth was a four-time qualifier to the state tournament and was named the Northcoast District Student of the Year. During his senior year, Ananth won 1st place at four tournaments: Edison, Mentor, CDC, and Kenston. Outside of debate, Ananth enjoys playing basketball, listening to music, and spending time with friends. Ananth attended CDC for three summers as a camper and was very excited to join the staff in 2022. 

Abraham Paik
Instructor - Public Forum

Abraham Paik was a Public Forum Debater for University School. He debated for all four years, qualifying to the Ohio state tournament three years in a row. He advanced to the quarterfinals twice and won 2nd place at states in 2021. In addition, Abraham qualified to the NSDA national tournament twice and the Tournament of Champions three times (with a career total of 12 TOC bids). He advanced to the octafinals at the TOC his senior year. Throughout his senior year, one of Abraham's goals was to compete in as many tournament rounds as possible. He surpassed 160 rounds. Other than debate, Abraham loves playing piano and is an Eagle Scout. He is attending Williams College. He attended CDC as a camper twice and joined the CDC staff in 2021. He looks forward to growing the next generation of virtuous victors at CDC.

Information about additional staff members will be posted as their participation is confirmed.
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