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Read testimonials from our 2023 campers:


Being here gave me a taste of what a large team feels like, and it felt like family.  Casey Gray, Mentor, Ohio


camp was amazing. this was such an amazing experience.  rory rohde, Chagrin Falls, Ohio


CDC helped me grow not only as a debater but as a person. The friends I met, the lessons I was taught go far beyond debate. Riley Todd, Parker, Hawaii


CDC is a wonderful environment. All day, you are surrounded by educational resources and you can constantly seek help from the instructors. The staff there is so kind and really helpful. From the second I walked into camp I was welcomed and supported by the staff and they are always there for you either for debate or for personal support. I learned an insane amount and genuinely came back a different person. I will certainly recommend CDC to anyone who asks, as it has been the best experience of my debate career.  Avery Johnson, Hickman, Missouri


CDC is something that is arguably most needed in our debate realm, not only just for growing our skills, but we learn to build a community around us. We take these skills not only back home, but we foster a community nationwide.  Maya Baxter, Louisville, Ohio


CDC let me make new friendships with people and learn about everyone and where they are from or who they are. It's a very social camp and has made me learn new things about people all over the world.  Ethan Schmitt, Parker, Hawaii

Classic Debate Camp taught me that debate is a community where competitors lift each other up, the older debaters help the younger debaters, and there’s always someone there to support you. I LOVED prepping with my house. I felt like my instructor cared, like our group bonded over work, and that I was able to be a leader for the younger kids. I had a great time and loved engaging with the debate community.   Evelyn Johnson, Jackson, Ohio 


Classic Debate Camp was an amazing experience! The instructors are amazing teachers and you learn so much from them! I enjoyed being able to work closely with instructors in a small group or one on one because it is something I don't get a lot of in season. The facilities are a great place for the camp and it's really nice to experience what it is like in a dorm. You meet so many new people and become close with them over the week. The administration is very supportive and makes sure you have the best time possible. Overall, CDC is a slay camp and I highly recommend it!  Addy Gerbick, Wooster, Ohio


From the counselors to the administrative staff to the campers, CDC fosters an inclusive and engaging community, committed to meeting you where you’re at and pushing you to grow beyond your bounds. I have nothing but words of gratitude for Mr. Paik and the staff for making the best camp experience I could have in just a week.   Colin Hsieh, University, Ohio


Going into Classic Debate Camp I didn't have the highest expectations. Looking back, however, I have already seen massive improvements in my debate skills. Not only that, but I established connections with so many different people and had so much fun while I was here. I could not think of a better program to help aspiring debaters!  Anshul Sharma, University, Ohio


Honestly making friends here was the best part because now I get to see them at tournaments. Hazel Segal, Laurel, Ohio


Honestly one of the best debate camps I ever went to. It helped me grow so much as a debater, and I 100% recommend it to my friends.  Jacob Gao, Copley, Ohio


i feel that at CDC this year i made so many new connections with people and i’m looking forward to seeing them during the season!  mya colella, Cardinal Mooney, Ohio


I grew so much as a person in general. This camp made me value every moment I had with each and every person in my PF lab group. In such short 9 days, I have made a connection with everyone. I love everyone and how supportive everyone is. The counselors, I can’t even describe with my words how amazing they are. I love this camp. Lyla Yi, Dublin Jerome, Ohio


I learned so much at CDC and I really improved my debate 100%! I would recommend anyone who is thinking about going to go because it changed my debate career. I made so many friends including staff and I made lifelong memories.  Mallory Kavanagh, Solon, Ohio


I loved the tips I got here at camp which will help me for so many years. I also loved the game nights and office hours! I was able to make new friends and connections with counselors, which made me feel more at home here!  I’m so grateful I was able to come to CDC! Adhya Duggal, Mason, Ohio

I really loved the drills that we did and the overall community we made. I loved the team bonding activities. They helped me get really comfortable with everyone here and made me open to asking for help and sharing out. This helped me grow because I was in a safe space to ask questions. Jennah Hamdan, Chagrin Falls, Ohio


I’ve grown so much over the course of the week. I received more coaching this week than ever in my experience as a debater, and I greatly appreciate it. Laynie Henderson, Parker, Hawaii


SUPER!  Gwen Erickson, Oakwood, Ohio

When I came into this camp, I felt unsure of my skills in debate and overall was not very confident with my abilities. But, after the endless support the instructors have given me, especially the adults from my lab and my house leader Owen, I am now much more sure of myself and am optimistic about my future. This camp also helped me build long-lasting relationships with fellow campers as well as instructors that will last for as long as I am still in this space.  Levi Li, Olentangy Liberty, Ohio

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