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CDC Debaters Win 2nd in World Schools and 4th in LD at 2022 NSDA National Tournament!

At the NSDA national tournament in Louisville, Bhuvan Meruga and Kunal Ponkshe were members of the Western Ohio Blue World Schools debate team that made it to the final round and finished in 2nd place. Bhuvan was a CDC camper in 2020 and 2021; Kunal attended CDC in 2020. Lincoln-Douglas debater Leila Hamdan advanced to the 14th round of competition and finished in 4th. She also won 4th place in the LD Speaker Awards. Leila participated in CDC in 2019. She returned to CDC in 2022 as an instructor.

Altogether 37 CDC campers competed at the 2022 national tournament. Here are some of the other noteworthy results: 

  • Sam Bowen advanced to the semifinals in BQD 

  • Elandrea Baker advanced to the double-octafinals in BQD (top 32)

  • Colin Moore advanced to the double-octafinals in BQD (top 32)

  • Shreyas Teegala advanced to round 10 in LD and won 7th best speaker

  • Praveen Kumar advanced to the semifinals in USX and won 11th place

  • Guhan Krishnan advanced to the quarterfinals in USX (top 30)

  • Lily Stuart advanced to round 8 in IX (top 60)

  • Destynn Keuchel advanced to double-octafinals in WSD

  • Varun Tamaskar advanced to double-octafinals in WSD

  • Rohan Athavale advanced to triple-octafinals in WSD

  • Nash Brown advanced to triple-octafinals in WSD

  • Maggie Chen advanced to triple-octafinals in WSD

  • Ella Jewell advanced to triple-octafinals in WSD

  • Chris Rhodes advanced to triple-octafinals in WSD

  • Divya Shanmugam advanced to triple-octafinals in WSD

  • Nikki Stein advanced to triple-octafinals in WSD

  • Hayden Frazee advanced to quarters in Congressional Debate - House

2021-2022 Classic Debate Camp Tournament Champions

Lincoln-Douglas Debate:

October 30, Chagrin Falls

Emma Blemaster

October 30, Moeller

Nishka Mishra

November 6, Perry

Emma Blemaster

November 13, Hawken

Jeremy Battle

November 13, Maumee

Avalon Ayres

November 13, Niles-McKinley

Olivia DeCesare

November 13, Princeton:

Sharanya Nair

November 20, Austintown-Fitch

Ella Jewell

November 20, John Lewis, CA

Maya Johnson

November 20, Mentor

Destynn Keuchel


November 20, Notre Dame

Reyan Shariff

December 5, Ottawa Hills

Reyan Shariff

December 5, Wadsworth

Mourad Zeynalov

December 11, Poland

John Dragos


December 11, Vermilion

Shreyas Teegala

December 18, Glenoak

Bhuvan Meruga

December 18, Howland

John Dragos

January 8, Canfield

Olivia DeCesare

January 15, Hathaway-Brown

Destynn Keuchel

January 15, Liberty

John Dragos

January 22, Hoover

Divya Shanmugam

January 22, Rhodes

Zak Quereshy

March 4-5, Ohio State Tournament

Destynn Keuchel

Public Forum Debate:

October 30, Moeller

Spencer Drylie & Matthew Lee 

November 6, Edison:

Ananth Menon & Colin Hsieh

November 13, Princeton:

Rohan Athavale & Sai Rishik Lingam

November 20, Copley:

Colin Moore & Ben Wilkinson

November 20, Mentor:

Ananth Menon & Colin Hsieh

December 11, CDC December Tournament

Ananth Menon & Colin Hsieh


December 11, Vermilion

Lily Meehan & Caterina Svobodny

December 18, Kenston

Ananth Menon & Colin Hsieh

January 15, Hathaway-Brown

Varun Tamaskar & James Cullers

January 22, Hoover

Colin Moore & Ben Wilkinson

January 22, Sylvania

Lily Meehan & Caterina Svobodny

January 29, Carrollton

Anisha Rawal & Andrew Xing

January 29, Yellow Springs

Rohan Athavale & Sai Rishik Lingam

International Extemporaneous:

November 6, Hoover, MS 

Ella Duus

November 6, Perry 

Lily Stuart

November 13, Wooster 

Lily Stuart

November 20, Copley 

Lily Stuart

January 15, Wooster

Lily Stuart

United States Extemporaneous:

October 30, Chagrin Falls

Praveen Kumar

November 13, Princeton

Guhan Krishnan

November 20, Copley

Guhan Krishnan

January 15, Hathaway-Brown

Praveen Kumar

January 22, Sylvania

Praveen Kumar

Congressional Debate:

November 13, Wooster:

Hayden Frazee

November 13, Wooster:

Ben Kissinger

January 8, Norton

Hayden Frazee

January 29, Napolean

Nikki Stein

2022 CDC Campers at the Ohio State Tournament

State Qualifiers (bids)

  • Hayden Frazee in Congress

  • Ben Kissinger in Congress

  • Mary Paydock in Congress

  • Lily Stuart in IX

  • Emma Blemaster in LD

  • Olivia DeCesare in LD

  • John Dragos in LD

  • Ed Driscoll in LD

  • Leila Hamdan in LD

  • Destynn Keuchel in LD

  • Bhuvan Meruga in LD

  • Abby Poprocki in LD

  • Divya Shanmugam in LD

  • Reyan Shariff in LD

  • Ryan Si in LD

  • Shreyas Teegala in LD

  • Colin Hsieh & Ananth Menon in PF

  • Lily Meehan & Caterina Svobodny in PF

  • Colin Moore & Ben Wilkinson in PF

  • Julia Neal & Tess Patton in PF

  • Anisha Rawal & Andrew Xing in PF

  • Varun Tamaskar & James Cullers in PF

  • Jacob Hannan in USX

  • Guhan Krishnan in USX​

  • Praveen Kumar in USX

State Qualifiers (districts)

  • Jasmine Shone in IX

  • Arveen Alaeddini in LD

  • Avalon Ayres in LD

  • Colin Barberic in LD

  • Jeremy Battle in LD

  • Sam Bowen in LD

  • Maggie Chen in LD

  • Joey Duncan in LD

  • Karun Gopal in LD

  • Ella Jewell in LD

  • Carter Kilby in LD

  • Sharanya Nair in LD

  • Kunal Ponkshe in LD

  • Zak Quereshy in LD

  • Seryne Rafique in LD

  • Owen Tritt in LD

  • Rohan Athavale & Sai Rishik Lingam in PF

  • Rohith Chandrasekar & Azhaan Ashraf in PF

  • Spencer Drylie & Matthew Lee in PF

  • Dylan Molter & Adam Stano in PF

  • Siddhant Nagar & Animesh Shukla in PF

  • Becky Walker & Madison Orlando in PF

  • Niya Patel in USX

  • Sophia Wang in USX​

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