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Schaller House Wins 2023 LD House Cup!

Members of Schaller House (shown above) not only won 1st place in the camp tournament, two of them also won Competitors' Choice awards, and one received a Most Improved Lab Member award. Congratulations to all the members of Schaller House and to their staff advisor Owen Tilman! 
CDC2023 Competitors' Choice Award Winners, Most Improved Lab Members, and Camp Tournament Results*
  • Competitors' Choice Award: Peter Silvain
  • Most Improved Lab Member - Red Team: Peter Silvain
  • Most Improved Lab Member - Blue Team: Claire Zhao
  • Most Improved Lab Member - Purple Team: Ayden Martin
  • 1st Place: Sripaal Godavarthi
  • 2nd Place: Zoe Cheema
  • 3rd Place: Peter Silvain
  • 4th Place: Grace Swihart
  • 5th Place: Griffin Moore
  • 6th Place: Maverick O'Hara
  • Competitors' Choice Award: Lyla Yi and Michelle Huang
  • Most Improved Lab Member: Salma Fareed
  • Champion: Colin Hsieh and Shakthi Prabhakaran
  • Runner-Up: Anushka Doshi and Sanvi Jha
  • Semifinalist: Gwen Erickson and Abbie Saxen
  • Semifinalist: Julian Cornson and Adam Goe
  • Competitors' Choice Award: Sebastian Istnick 
  • Competitors' Choice Award: Ella Kasatkin
  • Most Improved Lab Member (Lab 1): Vishesh Ahuja
  • Most Improved Lab Member (Lab 2): Ella Kasatkin
  • Most Improved Lab Member (Lab 3): Nora Goldsmith
  • Most Improved Lab Member (Lab 4): Tanvi Velivela 
  • Champion: Tristan Williams
  • Runner-Up: Robert Einhorn
  • Semifinalist: Megan Kleinhenz 
  • Semifinalist: Neil Heckman
  • Quarterfinalist: Chris Chen
  • Quarterfinalist: Joey Duncan
  • Quarterfinalist: Ella Kasatkin
  • Quarterfinalist: Noah Nicolai

* To see photos from our awards ceremony, click here

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