Read testimonials from our 2021 campers:


I really enjoyed getting to meet new people and make connections that I know will last.  – Abby Poprocki, Oakwood, Ohio


I think the tournament was really helpful, but it was even better when we did the practice speaking rounds. The feedback was really good, and it helped me a lot.  – Alyssa Kerr, Talawanda, Ohio

CDC allows students to gain the understanding that winning is not important. Rather, CDC teaches students that relationships we make with campers, counselors, and our community are the most valuable experience one can take from debate.  – Ananth Menon, University School, Ohio


I believe the lab work was the most valuable part of camp. It provided one-on-one time with instructors and allowed me to learn more about the art of debate. I also enjoyed the team bonding time during labs and things like game night and the rap battle. CDC was super helpful and overall an amazing experience!  – Anna Titcomb, Cary Academy, North Carolina


Classic Debate Camp makes me engage with debate in ways that I never did before, and I enjoy debate a lot more now.  – Becky Walker, Laurel School, Ohio


I not only learned how to do Lincoln-Douglas, I also gained some friendships I wouldn't have before. My instructors grew my love for the grind set and made everything 100x better. I enjoyed the social interaction between both debaters and instructors. They were so welcoming, funny, and helpful.  – Chris Rhodes, New Philadelphia, Ohio

Classic Debate Camp exceeded all of my limits of what I thought was possible at a nine day camp. I think the thing that helped me grow from this camp was the constant level of rigor that was applied to any idea or advice. Anything that I was told felt like it was the best known strategy or advice, and all arguments were discussed fully and dismantled. I'm excited to bring that level of scrutiny to my debates this year. This camp gave me an understanding of a level of debate that I didn't even consider possible for myself. I also made numerous new friends that I'm definitely going to keep up with during the season. I couldn't have asked for more, and I'm looking forward to seeing them all again next year.  – Colin Barberic, Medina, Ohio


Classic Debate Camp effectively prepared me not only for the upcoming season, but for the real world. The schedule and teaching styles of instructors resemble that of college. In addition, the relationships I made with my fellow campers and counselors are relationships I will not forget.  – Ed Driscoll, Cardinal Mooney, Ohio


This camp has been such an amazing experience for me. The people were amazing and I have built such strong bonds in this short week that I could have never imagined.  – Elizabeth Liu, Beachwood, Ohio


I really enjoyed the camaraderie among the congress/extemp kids, as well as how helpful and supportive Julia, Kasey, Mr. McDougal, and Garth were. I always felt like I could seek additional help from my peers and counselors. Classic Debate Camp is a collaborative, challenging environment that any extemper/debater could benefit from. The counselors and campers are great!  – Ella Duus, New Century Tech, Alabama

Because I am from a small team with few opportunities to practice, the learning experience provided by Classic Debate Camp made a world of improvement in my debate skills. The opportunity to learn from past champions and present friends was the highlight of my summer, and I would encourage every small-school debater to sign up. – Ella Jewell, Kenston, Ohio


The part of CDC that I enjoyed the most was Game Night because it was a great time to socialize and bond with labs while doing something fun as well.  – Evan Chang, Cary Academy, North Carolina


What I enjoyed most was meeting and talking to people that have similar interests. I enjoyed talking to everybody here. – Fuma Kondo, Revere, Ohio


I learned a lot about framework debate. I never realized how important value criterions are. It was great to practice rebutting other cases' frameworks and work harder on defending my own.  – Genevieve Savage, Parker School, Hawaii


The low student-to-instructor ratio let me get much time with my instructors for individual, one-on-one instruction and feedback. Having such personalized, targeted feedback so frequently let me know what I needed to do to improve.

Classic Debate Camp’s helpful staff gave me the resources and feedback I needed to accelerate my improvement in Extemporaneous Speaking.  – Jacob Hannon, Wooster, Ohio


I absolutely loved both of my instructors and the entire group of Congress kids. Even as a rising senior, I am so glad I came to camp this year. I have grown as a speaker and debater, made new friends, and had lots of fun. Thank you!  – Lily Stuart, Perry, Ohio


I most enjoyed the flexible structure. There was a perfect mix of lecturing and learning combined with having fun. It was not a constant lecture for 12 hours everyday, but a mixed balance. This allowed us to focus more on the contents of the lesson and not just let them fly over my head. – Matthew Lee, Centerville, Ohio


A lot of the lectures really helped build on knowledge I already had and gave me a much deeper and more nuanced understanding, which was really helpful. I really liked my instructors, they were all so great and helpful, and supported us really well. – Maya Johnson, Los Altos, California

Classic Debate Camp has helped my confidence in debate so much. Coming here I didn't really know what to expect but the instructors made me feel comfortable right away and I learned so much from the debate instruction.  – Nash Brown, Cary Academy, North Carolina


I think I grew a lot here. For one, my rhetorical ability and public speaking skills improved a lot thanks to the practice rounds and drills. They were really helpful, and by my last round I felt as if I was speaking better than ever. Also, all of the lectures were very informative in terms of things like weighing and framework.  – Nash Riebe, Cape Fear Academy, North Carolina


The lab lectures were the most valuable part to camp. Being able to understand the thought process and strategies of debaters who are so good helped me improve my mindset in round. I enjoyed game night the most. Being able to bond with my lab partners while taking a much needed break from only debate proved to be a fun experience.  – Nate Rich, Hamilton Southeastern, Indiana


Classic Debate Camp taught me not only the powers, strengths and weaknesses of debate, but also how to debate correctly so to empower myself and others. It helped me in a way that I cannot put in words and I know that I will excel in debate moving forward thanks to this opportunity.  – Nikki Stein, Wausseon, Ohio


Before coming to camp, I thought I knew everything I could about debate, and had nothing else to learn. However, camp fosters so much learning that I felt like a new debater by the end. Genuinely I would recommend CDC to any debater, new or old.  – Olivia DeCesare, Cardinal Mooney, Ohio


CDC was an amazing experience. I had so much fun, and everything about it helped me improve my debate skills. The friends I made there were great, and the instructors were kind and helpful. – Rachel Horowitz, Olentangy Liberty, Ohio


Lab work was extremely helpful and collaborating with top lab was also very enlightening. This was because getting so much time to work with experienced and very good debaters was the best way to learn for me. – Sharanya Nair, Mason, Ohio


I think all of the lectures were really helpful in that they really broke down parts of the rounds to me and gave me valuable tips. I was then able to contextualize all of the information and then apply it in rounds. I enjoyed how down to earth and helpful the instructors were. I feel like I was able to establish a good relationship with all of my lab leaders and had a good time in all of the labs. – Spencer Drylie, Centerville, Ohio


The office hours was the most beneficial to me as a debater. The one-on-one instruction was helpful so I could get very specific help and feedback and I could go to various instructors. – Steven Kim, University School, Ohio

As a beginner, I felt CDC was very helpful in furthering my grasp of Lincoln Douglas and debate in general. – Zaid Ashruf, University School, Ohio


Coming from almost no coaching, almost everything we did was valuable. Thinking about structure, building confidence, and shoring up my procedures were all things I could not get from my school’s resources. I feel ready to enter into the next season in person. The people I met - both the instructors and fellow debaters were incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable. They were also some of the kindest, helpful, and funniest individuals I’ve ever met.  – Anonymous


I learned so much at camp!! The instructors catered to my needs and showed me that with a little more experience I can be an awesome debater. They taught me 100x more than what I knew about LD before I came here and I cannot be more thankful!!!!  – Anonymous