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Classic Debate Camp Releases

LD Brief for March-April 2020 

The lead author was CDC instructor Grace Johannes (2019 NSDA LD national champion). It is on the topic of predictive policing and features analytical essays by other CDC instructors, including Eva Lamberson (2018 NCFL national champion) and Nick Protasiewicz (2018, 2019 Ohio state champion). CDC is offering this brief as a free resource to everyone. Click on the icon to the right and enjoy!

Twelve CDC Alumni Qualify for the 2020 NSDA National Tournament 


While reports are still coming in, so far, 12 CDC alumni have earned their tickets to Albuquerque for the national tournament. In LD: Clare Abboud, Allie Dettelbach, Sydney Hardern, Tony Liu, Dev Peyrat, and Sarah Grace Shurden. They join Nehal Chigurupati who auto-qualified last summer. In PF: Sarah Hatem and Abby McGowan. In IX: Kyle Boyer and Brady Condon. In Big Questions: Destynn Keuchel. In World Schools: Jane Jusko.


On February 2, 27 CDC alumni qualified for the Ohio state tournament at their district tournaments. They joined the 26 CDC alumni who already qualified through the bid system. [See the Tournament Results page for details.]

Classic Debate Camp Alumni Dominate Jan-Feb Tournaments

On February 8, Clare Abboud of Jackson won 1st place in LD at the Bethel Park Black Hawk Invitational tournament near Pittsburgh. In Public Forum debate, the team of Daniel Yan and Abraham Paik won 2nd.


On January 25, in Ohio, CDC LD debaters won 1st at two tournaments: Hannah Kelly won Hubbard and Tony Liu won Yellow Springs. PF debaters Tess Patton and Julia Neal won 1st at Yellow Springs, and International Extemper Brady Condon won 1st at Solon. 

On January 18-19, Daniel Yan and Abraham Paik won the PF championship at the Cavalier Classic at Durham Academy, NC. Daniel and Abraham closed out the PF division along with their teammates Sukhm Kang and Sai Karnati of University School. For their trophies, the co-champions were given real swords!


On January 18, at Wooster, CDC LD debaters were 6 of the 8 quarterfinalists: Clare Abboud, Robert Duncan, and Mourad Zeynalov reached the quarters, Saavan Patel and Maggie Snyder made it to semis, and Tony Liu won 1st place. Also at Wooster, in PF, Jai Mosali and SungJun Jeon advanced to the semifinals. At HB, Jackson Sturtevant won 1st in LD, and Barbara Yang and Katherine Cassese won 1st in PF.


On January 10-11, in Jackson, Mississippi, Sarah Grace Shurden won 1st place in LD at the Mustang Debate Invitational. In Ohio, at Sylvania, CDC competitors won three events: Kyle Boyer won the IX championship, Nehal Chigurupati won the LD championship, and Daniel Yan and Abraham Paik won the PF championship. In LD, 6 of the 8 Sylvania quarterfinalists were CDC debaters: Allie Dettelbach (who won 2nd), Sydney Hardern, Destynn Keuchel, Saavan Patel, and Mourad Zeynalov. In other Ohio action that weekend, at Hoover, Leila Hamdan won 1st in LD, and Sophie Alber and Julianna Bragg won 2nd in PF.

On January 3-4, at Brecksville: Daniel Yan and Abraham Paik won 1st in PF, Nehal Chigurupati won 1st in LD, and Jessica Chang won 1st in Congress. And at Olentangy, Kyle Boyer won 1st in IX. 

Two-Time NCFL Lincoln-Douglas National Champion Maya Arora

Joins the Classic Debate CampStaff

LD debater Maya Arora, currently a senior at Cape Fear Academy in Wilmington, North Carolina, will be teaching at Classic Debate Camp in the summer of 2020. Maya won the NCFL Grand National Tournament both in 2017, as a 9th grader, and in 2019, as an 11th grader. She becomes the 5th national champion on the CDC Staff, following Natalie Schaller (NSDA LD 2017), Eva Lamberson (NCFL LD 2018), Grace Johannes (NSDA LD 2019), and David Lyons (NSDA WSD 2019). See Maya's bio on the LD Staff Page.

Classic Debate Camp  Adds Extemp

and Congressional Debate!

CDC is now offering students instruction in Extemporaneous Speaking and Congressional Debate as well as Public Forum debate and traditional Lincoln-Douglas debate. Extempers may focus on either International (IX) or United States (USX) at CDC. Mr. Kevin McDougal, four time State Champion Coach of Extemp, is the senior instructor and curriculum coordinator of our Extemp & Congress division. Kasey Pukys, Ohio state champion in IX in 2018, is our junior instructor in Extemp & Congress. She helped to coach the 2019 state champions in both IX and USX. Mr. McDougal's and Kasey's bios are on the Extemp & Congress Staff page. More Extemp & Congress staff members will be added as the division grows.

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