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CDC Alumni Reunite

and Compete at the 2018 National Tournament

Altogether, 12 Classic Debate Camp alumni competed at the 2018 NSDA National Tournament held in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Katie Blowers competed in LD, Michael John Larenas-Leach competed in PF, and Karishma Ponkshe competed in World Schools Debate. In speech events, CA LD state champ Tim Huang competed in International Extemporaneous Speaking and advanced to the top 60 while Auryon Azar competed in Dramatic Interpretation and also advanced to the top 60. In the elimination rounds of World Schools Debate, Tian Treb advanced to the double-octafinal round (top 32) and both Nikki Peter and Tia Speece advanced to the octafinal round (top 16). In the elimination rounds of Lincoln-Douglas, Max Bradley made it to round 9, Isaiah Paik made round 10, and Eva Lamberson reached round 12 and won 11th place. Most impressively, in Big Questions Debate, Clare Abboud advanced to the final round of competition and won 2nd place on a close 4-3 decision. Along with her 2nd place trophy, Clare won a $5000 scholarship. Finally, coach James Lewis was honored with his first coaching diamond from the NSDA. Other CDC instructors who attended nationals were Leslie Muhlbach, who is now serving on the NSDA LD Wording Committee; Jacob Schriner-Briggs, who qualified two PF teams to nationals, one making it to round 11 and one advancing to round 13; and Peter Paik, who was a judge in the final round of PF.

CDC Debater Wins California State Tournament

On May 5, Tim Huang won 1st place in Lincoln-Douglas debate out of 64 debaters at the 2018 California High School Speech Association's State Tournament. Tim competed for Monte Vista High School. Tim attended CDC in 2017. His CDC lab leaders were James Lewis, Natalie Schaller (2017 NSDA national champion), and Anthony Pignataro. Hear Tim's testimonial.

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CDC Graduate and 2018 NCFL National Champion Joins CDC Staff

At the 2018 National Catholic Forensic League Grand National Tournament, Eva Lamberson won 1st place in Lincoln-Douglas debate. She competed for Canfield High School. Eva attended CDC in 2017. Her CDC lab leaders were James Lewis, Natalie Schaller, and Anthony Pignataro. In 2018, Eva returned to CDC as an LD instructor. Read Eva's bio on the LD Staff page or hear her testimonial

CDC Congratulates Our First Ohio State Champion and Our First City Club of Cleveland Champion

In March, at the 2018 Ohio State Tournament, Nick Protasiewicz won first place in Lincoln-Douglas debate. Nick attended CDC in 2016 and 2017. In 2017, his lab instructors were Matt Slencsak, Andrew Gilmore, and Edith Lui. At the 2018 High School Debate Championship hosted by the City Club of Cleveland, Isaiah Paik defeated Sebastian Williams. Isaiah also attended CDC in 2016 and 2017. In 2017 Isaiah's CDC lab leaders were James Lewis, Natalie Schaller, and Anthony Pignataro. Isaiah joined the CDC staff in 2018 as an LD instructor. Read his bio on LD Staff page.

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