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CDC Coaches Achieve Excellence

at the 2017 National Tournament

LD National Champion Joins CDC Staff
At the 2017 NSDA national tournament held in Birmingham, Alabama, June 19-23, the University School Speech and Debate team, coached by Peter Paik, James Lewis, Will Walker, and Humzah Quereshy, won the School of Excellence in Debate Trophy for the 7th time in 10 years. That award is given to the top 20 debate programs in the country. Earning points toward that prestigious award were Public Forum debaters Will Frankel and Akshat Chowksey and Lincoln-Douglas debater Karchen Lhatoo.

Natalie Schaller, the 2017 National Champion in Lincoln-Douglas debate, joined the Classic Debate Camp staff in the summer of 2017. She won the final round in Birmingham on an 8-5 decision. Will Walker and Will Frankel, both former PF captains for US, were also Classic Debate Camp staff members in 2017.

Will Frankel and Akshat Chowksey advanced to the 12th round of competition, placing them in the top 18 out of 273 PF teams. Karchen Lhatoo went further than any US LD debater had ever gone before. He made it to round 15 and finished in 4th place out of 260 LD debaters. Karchen's only losses were a 1-2 decision against the 2nd place debater and a 2-3 decision against Natalie. Karchen attended debate camp with Mr. Lewis and Mr. Paik in the summer of 2014.

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