Classic Debate Camp at Miami University

Covid Safety Plan


Our highest priority is to protect the health and safety of our campers and staff members.

For any campers and instructors who have health conditions that might put them at a higher risk or who have family members or relatives whose health they must make special efforts to safeguard, we offer our online program, Classic Debate Camp-Virtual, which was a great success last summer. Click here for more info about CDC-V.


For campers and instructors who would like to attend camp in person, we are continuing our preparations to hold Classic Debate Camp this summer at Miami University. As the number of people who are vaccinated grows larger and as the pandemic is understood better, we believe that we will be able to conduct our program at Miami in a safe manner.


Of course, it is impossible to reduce the risk of infection to zero in any in-person setting, so we will have protocols in place to deal with a potential case of Covid-19 if one does arise during camp. Nonetheless, we are confident that everyone’s cooperation in carrying out our health and safety measures will enable us to minimize the risk of illness for everyone.


Before we spell out the specific measures we are planning to implement, it should be noted that our plan is a work in progress and that we will certainly continue to update it as circumstances and increased knowledge necessitate.


  1. VACCINATION: All camp instructors and administrators will be fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior to the start of camp. All campers who are old enough will be strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior to the start of camp.

  2. BEFORE CAMP: During the two weeks prior to camp, students will conduct daily health checks. Any prospective camper who develops symptoms of Covid-19 will be required to stay home and not attend Classic Debate Camp at Miami this summer. Those students will be given several alternatives: (1) Switch to Classic Debate Camp-Virtual in 2021. (2) Postpone participation in Classic Debate Camp to 2022. (3) Receive a full refund of camp tuition.

  3. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE: At the very start of camp, campers will be given staggered arrival times to minimize congestion and waiting in line as they arrive and move into their dorm rooms. Upon arrival, each student will have their temperature taken and respond to a short health check questionnaire. At the end of camp, departure times will be staggered as well.

  4. NURSE: There will be a camp nurse on duty every morning and every evening and on call throughout the time of camp.

  5. MASKS: Campers and staff members will be required to wear masks in all public areas. While the camp will provide disposable masks to campers if necessary, campers are encouraged to bring their own supply of masks and to change or wash their masks at least once per day.

  6. DISTANCING: Campers and staff members will be required to maintain 6 feet of distance between each other.

  7. LAB GROUPS: To facilitate the social distancing, most instruction will occur in the small group setting of the lab. Labs will consist of approximately 8 campers with 2-3 instructors each. The classrooms will be large enough for campers and instructors to be spread out during their lab sessions.

  8. OUTDOORS: When the weather permits, labs will be encouraged to meet outside, and practice debate rounds may also be held outside. Social events such as ice cream night and pizza night will be held outside as well.

  9. ASSEMBLIES: Large gatherings will be eliminated or conducted via Zoom. In other words, whole camp assemblies and division meetings will be Zoom meetings that will be broadcasted to each lab room.

  10. RECREATION: The Miami University Recreational Sports Center will be open and available for camper and staff use during afternoon free time. Of course, campers and staff members will follow all the health and safety policies of the Sports Center.

  11. SINGLE DORM ROOMS: Each camper will be housed in a single dorm room without a roommate. In order to keep their dorm rooms clean and safe, students will not be permitted to enter each other’s dorm rooms at any time. Instead, they can meet in the common areas of the dormitory as well as outside.

  12. DORMITORY COMMON AREAS: Depending on the size of each area, a maximum number of occupants will be determined and posted.

  13. MEALS: Information about how meals will be handled will be shared once we receive that information from Miami University’s Food Service.

  14. CLEANING AND DISINFECTING: Miami University Physical Facilities Department will thoroughly clean and disinfect all dorm rooms and common areas prior to the start of camp. Miami University Physical Facilities Department will clean and disinfect classrooms daily.

  15. HAND SANITIZER: Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the dorm and classroom buildings.

  16. HAND WASHING: All campers and staff members will be reminded to wash their hands frequently.

  17. DAILY HEALTH CHECKS: During camp, campers will be required to respond to a short health check questionnaire every morning. Each camper will have their temperature taken both in the morning and in the evening every day.

  18. ILLNESS: If a camper develops possible symptoms of Covid-19 during camp, they will be quarantined in their dorm room immediately and meet with the camp nurse for further evaluation. If they are determined to be ill, they will be picked up by a parent as soon as possible.

  19. CLOSE CONTACTS: Any other campers who had close contact with the student who has become ill will be quarantined in their dorm rooms and monitored closely. To the extent possible, those campers may continue to participate in their lab’s instructional activities from their dorm rooms via Zoom. If they also develop symptoms of Covid-19, they will be picked up by a parent as soon as possible.

  20. INSTRUCTORS AND ADMINISTRATORS: All Classic Debate Camp instructors and administrators will follow the same Covid Safety Plan.

  21. CONFIRMED CASES: The camp will notify and cooperate with the local department of health in the event of a confirmed case of Covid-19 among campers, instructors, or administrators.


If you have any concerns or questions, you are invited to share them with Camp Director Peter Paik through the camp email address