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CDC Campers Win 5 Titles on January 22nd!

Lily Meehan and Caterina Svobodny defeated fellow CDC campers Colin Hsieh and Ananth Menon in the final round at Sylvania to win 1st place in PF. Also at Sylvania, in USX, Praveen Kumar won 1st place, Niya Patel won 3rd, and Sophia Wang won 5th. In LD, Dev Peyrat won 2nd, Abby Poprocki made it to semis, and Destynn Keuchel reached the quarters. And in Congress, Nikki Stein won 6th.


At Hoover, in PF, Colin Moore and Ben Wilkinson won 1st place, and Dylan Molter and Adam Stano won 4th. In LD, Divya Shanmugam won 1st, and Leila Hamdan won 6th. Lily Stuart won 4th in IX, Jacob Hannon won 4th in USX, and Ben Kissinger won 6th in Congress. 

At Rhodes, in LD, Zak Quereshy won 1st, Carter Kilby won 3rd, and Maggie Chen on 4th. In PF, Becky Walker and Madison Orlando won 5th. 

And at Boardman, in LD, Olivia DeCesare won 2nd and John Dragos won 5th. 

RSVP for the CDC January Prep Session Now

Our next monthly prep session will be held on Sunday, January 30,  8:00-9:30 pm Eastern. We welcome all competitors in Congress, Extemp, Public Forum and Lincoln-Douglas to join us as we prepare for the February tournaments. To RSVP, please click here. If you have questions, email us

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CDC Ohio State Qualifiers So Far:

  • Ben Kissinger in Congress

  • Mary Paydock in Congress

  • Lily Stuart in IX

  • Emma Blemaster in LD

  • Olivia DeCesare in LD

  • Ed Driscoll in LD

  • Leila Hamdan in LD

  • Destynn Keuchel in LD

  • Bhuvan Meruga in LD

  • Divya Shanmugam in LD

  • Reyan Shariff in LD

  • Ryan Si in LD

  • Shreyas Teegala in LD

  • Colin Hsieh and Ananth Menon in PF

  • Lily Meehan and Caterina Svobodny in PF

  • Colin Moore and Ben Wilkinson in PF

  • Julia Neal and Tess Patton in PF

  • Varun Tamaskar and James Cullers in PF

  • Jacob Hannan in USX

  • Guhan Krishnan in USX​

  • Praveen Kumar in USX

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CDC Succeeds Around the Country!
Last summer we had a record number of campers from outside of Ohio. Altogether 17 students joined us from 10 other states, including Hawaii! From west to east, campers came from Hawaii, California, Oregon, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Alabama, North Carolina, and New York as well as Ohio. So far, in the 2021-2022 season, CDC Alumni from outside of Ohio have placed at 12 different tournaments around the country: 

  • Elandrea Baker: 3rd place in LD at Raytown Varsity "Last Blast," Missouri

  • Evan Chang and Nash Brown: Semis in PF at Duke Invitational, N. Carolina

  • Ella Duus: 2nd place in Extemp at St. James Raymond B. Furlong, Alabama

  • Ella Duus: 1st place in Extemp at Hoover Buc Classic, Alabama

  • Emma Heck: 1st place in JVLD at Wyatt November Tournament, Kentucky

  • Maya Johnson: 1st place in LD at John Lewis SVUDL Invitational, California

  • Gabe Perrin: 6th place in Congress at Chesterton, Indiana

  • Nate Rich: 3rd place in LD at Fishers Debate Meet, Indiana

  • Nash Riebe: 4th place in LD at DSDL #1 in North Carolina

  • Nash Riebe: 2nd place in LD at DSDL #2 in North Carolina

  • Nash Riebe: 2nd place in LD at DSDL #3 in North Carolina

  • Sarah Grace Shurden: 2nd place in LD at Oak Grove Invitational, Mississippi


Congratulations to all our non-Ohio Alumni! Additional tournament results from outside of Ohio will be posted as the information becomes available. 


Registration for Next Summer Is Open! Sign up now to reserve your spot at CDC2022

Congressional Debate and Extemporaneous Speaking Are Expanding in 2022
After the success of our minicamps in Extemporaneous Speaking and Congressional Debate last summer, Classic Debate Camp will expand both programs to 6 days/5 nights. Tentatively, they will run from Sunday-Friday, July 17-22, 2022. Congress will be led by Garth Woodson and Julia Bray while Extemp will be led by Kasey Pukys. Check out their bios here. See the new pricing for Congress and Extemp here.  

Also in 2022: Introduction to Public Speaking Classic Debate Camp is excited to offer a new program next summer. Many school districts used to offer a speech course or even require students to take one. Sadly, public speaking is no longer a part of the curriculum in most schools. This program will be for high school students of all grades and experience levels. It will develop their ability to speak effectively and confidently in the classroom, in their extracurricular activities, and in their future careers. The innovative, holistic speech curriculum will be designed and implemented by Ms. Leslie Muhlbach, an OSDA Hall of Fame coach who has taught speech courses for 20 years. Check out her bio here.