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Edith House Wins the LD House Cup at CDC2022!

This year, the Lincoln-Douglas division added a new house system to Classic Debate Camp. The 45 LD campers were assigned to 4 different houses, named after 4 important individuals in the history of CDC: James Lewis, Jen Gonda, Natalie Schaller, and Edith Lui.
The objectives of the house system were to (1) increase collaboration among campers in different labs, since each house contained members of all 5 LD labs; (2) give older campers opportunities to practice leadership; (3) enable younger camper to interact with and learn from older campers; (4) use LD division time more actively and productively; and (5) make our camp tournament more competitive and fun by having houses compete against each other for the House Cup.
By all accounts, the new house system was a great success, especially for Edith House. Members of Edith House (shown above) not only won 1st and 2nd place in the camp tournament, three of them also received Most Improved Lab Member awards. Congratulations to Edith House and to their staff advisor Olivia DeCesare! 
CDC2022 Camp Tournament Results and Most Improved Lab Members*
  • Most Improved Lab Member: Neethi Gunda
  • 1st Place: Jacob Hannan
  • 2nd Place: Tristan Miller
  • 3rd Place: Maia Krain
  • Competitors' Choice Award: Caroline Jang
  • Most Dedicated Returning Camper: Nikki Stein
  • Most Improved Lab Member: Pranet Sirikonda
  • 1st Place: Hayden Frazee
  • 2nd Place: Anushka Chaba
  • 3rd Place: Zayn Cheema
  • Competitors' Choice Award: Gabe Floyd and Henry Shang
  • Most Improved Lab Member: Bohan Pan
  • Champion: Rebecca Tang and Ramsey Hauanio
  • Runner-Up: Dylan Molter
  • Semifinalist: Colin Hsieh and Aidan Krishnaney
  • Semifinalist: Bohan Pan and Eric Fan
  • Competitors' Choice Award: Robert Einhorn 
  • Competitors' Choice Award: Sharanya Nair 
  • Most Improved Lab Member (Lab 1): Hannes Wiebe 
  • Most Improved Lab Member (Lab 2): Noah Kanahele 
  • Most Improved Lab Member (Lab 3): Megan Kleinhenz 
  • Most Improved Lab Member (Lab 4): Esther Yang 
  • Most Improved Lab Member (Lab 4): Addy Gerbick 
  • Most Improved Lab Member (Lab 5): Shrija Shandilya 
  • Champion: Tarika Kahlon
  • Runner-Up: Elandrea Baker 
  • Semifinalist: Colin Barberic 
  • Semifinalist: Robert Einhorn 
  • Quarterfinalist: Jay Skidmore
  • Quarterfinalist: Nishka Mishra
  • Quarterfinalist: Arnav Arjula
  • Quarterfinalist: Tristan Williams

*To watch the Most Improved Lab Member Awards, click here. To watch the elimination rounds of the CDC2022 Camp Tournament (LD semis and finals; PF finals), go to the Classic Debate Camp Youtube Channel


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CDC Debaters Win 2nd in World Schools and 4th in LD at Nationals!

At the NSDA national tournament in Louisville last week, Bhuvan Meruga and Kunal Ponkshe were members of the Western Ohio Blue World Schools debate team that made it to the final round and finished in 2nd place. Lincoln-Douglas debater Leila Hamdan advanced to the 14th round of competition and finished in 4th. She also won 4th place in the LD Speaker Awards based on her scores in the prelim rounds. Leila attended CDC in the summer of 2019. She will be returning to CDC this summer as an instructor. (See Leila's bio here.)

Altogether 37 CDC campers competed at the 2022 national tournament. Here are some of the other noteworthy results: 

  • Sam Bowen advanced to the semifinals in BQD 

  • Elandrea Baker advanced to the double-octafinals in BQD (top 32)

  • Colin Moore advanced to the double-octafinals in BQD (top 32)

  • Shreyas Teegala advanced to round 10 in LD and won 7th best speaker

  • Praveen Kumar advanced to the semifinals in USX and won 11th place

  • Guhan Krishnan advanced to the quarterfinals in USX (top 30)

  • Lily Stuart advanced to round 8 in IX (top 60)

  • Destynn Keuchel advanced to double-octafinals in WSD

  • Varun Tamaskar advanced to double-octafinals in WSD

  • Rohan Athavale advanced to triple-octafinals in WSD

  • Nash Brown advanced to triple-octafinals in WSD

  • Maggie Chen advanced to triple-octafinals in WSD

  • Ella Jewell advanced to triple-octafinals in WSD

  • Chris Rhodes advanced to triple-octafinals in WSD

  • Divya Shanmugam advanced to triple-octafinals in WSD

  • Nikki Stein advanced to triple-octafinals in WSD

  • Hayden Frazee advanced to quarters in Congressional Debate - House

If you're a CDC camper who made it to the elim rounds in your event at nationals, please email us and let us know the details!  If you took any photos at nationals, please share them with us!