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At Classic Debate Camp you can...

Congrats to Avery Johnson, 3rd in Extemp Debate; Chris Chen, 4th in WSD; Tristan Williams, 10th in LD;  and all the other CDC Campers who competed in Iowa at the 2024 NSDA National Tournament!
Please email us more tournament pictures and results!

Congratulations to all the CDC Campers who competed at the NCFL National Tournament in May!  

CDC Welcomes Colorado, Oregon and Pennsylvania State Champions to the CDC LD Staff! 

On April 20, Wes McGovern won 1st place in LD at the Oregon state tournament. He also won 1st in Extemporaneous Speaking. Wes attended CDC as a camper in 2022, and he will be a junior LD instructor in 2024. Olivia Lowry won 1st place in LD at the Pennsylvania state tournament on March 16. She was also the state champion last year. And Greta Wedel won 1st place at the 2023 Colorado state tournament. Read Wes's, Olivia's, and Greta's bios on the LD staff page

CDC Congratulates Ohio State Finalists in PF, LD, Congress, and IX!

At the Ohio state tournament on March 1-2, Anisha Rawal and Shakthi Prabhakaran won 2nd place in PF, Robert Einhorn won 2nd in LD, Sripaal Godavarthi and Griffin Moore were finalists in Congress, and Tristan Miller won 4th place in IX. In PF, the team of Colin Hsieh and Alex Palmer and the team of Shrija Shandilya and Anuj Kulkarni both advanced to the semi-final round, the team of Adam Goe and Sam Warren made it to quarters, and the team of Dylan Molter and Adam Stano reached the octa-final round. In LD, Shreyas Krishna and Abby Poprocki both advanced to the semi-finals, Levi Li and Tristan Williams both made it to the quarter-finals, and Mallory Kavanagh and Sachet Pati both reached the octas. So in both PF and LD, 3 of the 4 semifinalist entries either were or contained CDC campers. In Congressional Debate, Sripaal Godavarthi won Best Presiding Officer, and Anushka Chaba, Nethra Gunda, Meera Srini, Nikki Stein, and Grace Swihart all advanced to the semifinals. Congratulations to everyone!

To see our OSDA2024 Photo Gallery, click here.  

CDC Qualifies 5 PF Teams,  4 LDers, 5 WSD Debaters, 1 Congressional Debater, 1 Policy Debater, and 1 International Extemper to Nationals!

The team of Eric Fan and Bohan Pan, the team of Sanvi Jha and Anushka Doshi, the team of Anisha Rawal and Shakthi Prabhakaran, the team of Colin Hsieh and Ryan Wang, and the team of Dylan Molter and Adam Stano will be going to nationals in PF. Sebastian Istnick, Wes McGovern, Tristan Williams, and  Daniel Zakari will be going in LD. Grace Swihart will be going in Congressional Debate. Cehan Ahmad, Chris Chen, Casey Gray, Mallory Kavanagh, and Lucy Papini will be going in World Schools Debate. Ella Kasatkin will be attending nationals in Policy Debate. And Avery Johnson will be going in IX. Congratulations to everyone!   

CDC Debaters Winning All Around the Country

In Hawaii, on February 10, at the Punahou Speech Congress Qualifying Tournament, Noah Nikolai won 1st in International Extemp, and Georgia Kasameyer and her partner won 6th in  Duo Interpretation. Both Noah and Georgia qualified for the Hawaii state tournament.


In Pennsylvania, on February 11, Anshul Sharma won 1st place in LD at the Three Rivers Tournament at Upper St. Clair, and Vishesh Ahuja advanced to the quarterfinals at the UPenn Tournament.

In Missouri, on February 3, the PF team of Bohan Pan and Eric Fan won 1st place in the Champion division at the Rockbridge Debate Tournament. That was the 4th tournament championship that Bohan and Eric have won this year. 

Congratulations to all the CDC campers competing around the country!  Please keep sending us your good news and pictures!

2024 CDC Ohio State Qualifiers:

In Lincoln-Douglas Debate:   Cehan Ahmad,  Maya Baxter,  Nate Byrne,  Mya Colella,  Adhya Duggal,  Joey Duncan,  Reese Dunnington,  Robert Einhorn,  Salma Fareed,  Addy Gerbick,  Casey Gray,  Neil Heckman,  Sebastian Istnick,  Mallory Kavanagh,  Shriya Keshav,  Megan Kleinhenz,  Shreyas Krishna,  Levi Li,  Julia Ludwig,  Lucy Papini,  Sachet Pati,  Abby Poprocki,  Christopher Rhodes,  Rory Rohde,  Anshul Sharma,  Oliver Spaulding,  Tristan Williams,  Esther Yang,  Daniel Zakari

In Public Forum Debate:  Anushka Doshi and Sanvi Jha,  Aidan Krishnaney and Zaid Ashruf,  Anisha Rawal and Shakthi Prabhakaran,  Dylan Molter and Adam Stano,  Adam Goe,   Michelle Huang,  Colin Hsieh,  James Newton,  Maverick O'Hara,  Shrija Shandilya

In Congressional Debate:   Anushka Chaba,  Keshav Chabria,  Zayn Cheema,  Zoe Cheema,  Jacob Coleman,  Sripaal Godavarthi,  Carter Garrison,   Nethra Gunda,  Griffin Moore,  Meera Srini,  Nikki Stein,  Grace Swihart,  Rida Tahir,  William Turner

In International Extemp:   Tristan Miller


In Policy Debate:   Vishesh Ahuja

CDC Debaters Jump on Stage in January!

On January 20, in Congress, Grace Swihart won 1st place at Hoover, and Nethra Gunda won 4th place at University School. In LD, Sachet Pati won 2nd and Cehan Ahmad won 3rd at US, Julia Ludwig won 2nd and Esther Yang won 4th at Sylvania, and Megan Kleinhenz won 4th at Hoover.   

On January 13, CDC LDers closed out two tournaments: At Wooster, Robert Einhorn won 1st, Adhya Duggal won 2nd, and Tristan Williams made the semis. At Columbus Academy,  Julia Ludwig won 1st, Levi Li won 2nd, and Reese Dunnington won 4th. And at Hathaway Brown-Laurel, Rida Tahir won 2nd place. In PF, Adam Stano and Dylan Molter won 1st at Wooster. And in Congress, Anushka Chaba won 4th place at Columbus Academy.  

On January 6, a total of 10 CDC LD debaters made the stage: At Wadsworth, Megan Kleinhenz won 3rd, Neil Heckman won 4th, and Joey Duncan won 5th. At Springboro, Robert Einhorn won 4th, Reese Dunnington won 5th, and Adhya Duggal won 6th. At Brecksville-Broadview Heights, Mallory Kavanagh won 2nd, and Casey Gray won 3rd. And at Canfield, Mya Colella won 2nd, and Lucy Papini won 6th. In PF, 5 CDC PF teams placed: At the ASU tournament, Aidan Krishnaney and Zaid Ashruf advanced to the quarterfinals, earning their second TOC bid. At Wadsworth, Dylan Molter and Daphne Tucker won 2nd and Adam Goe and Sam Warren won 4th. And at Springboro, Shrija Shandilya and Anuj Kulkarni won 3rd, and Anushka Doshi and Sanvi Jha won 6th.  


CDC Welcomes Back Ohio Public Forum Champion Sukhm Kang! 

Not only did Sukhm succeed at the state level, winning the Ohio state tournament his junior year, he was also a force on the national circuit, qualifying for the TOC three times. Sukhm originally joined the Classic Debate Camp PF Staff in 2022. After a year off, he will return to CDC in the summer of 2024. He is eager to pass his exceptional understanding of arguments on to our campers. Read Sukhm's bio on the PF staff page

CDC Debaters Dominate in December Tournaments!

On December 16, Wes McGovern won 1st place in Varsity LD at the Lander Virtual tournament, and Chris Chen won 6th in LD at the Ben Davis Debate Tournament II in Indiana. On December 9, AJ Bal won 2nd place in LD at the CVFL tournament in California. On December 2, Chris Chen also won 3rd at the Penn Tournament in Indiana. 

In Ohio, on December 16, CDC PF Teams won 1st place at two tournaments: The team of Adam Stano and Dylan Molter won 1st at Glenoak, and the team of Colin Hsieh and Alex Palmer won 1st at Kenston. 

Also, at Glenoak, in LD, Evelyn Johnson won 2nd place, Neil Heckman advanced to semis, and Abby Poprocki and Daniel Zakari made it to quarters. In PF, Anisha Rawal and Shakthi Prabhakaran reached semis, and Rory Rohde and Jennah Hamdan were octafinalists. 

Also, at Kenston, in LD, Cehan Admad won 2nd, Anshul Sharma won 3rd, and Rida Tahir won 5th. In PF, Aidan Krishnaney and Zaid Ashruf won 3rd, and Vir Patel and Adonis Wazni won 4th. 

On December 9, CDC LDers were 7 of the quarterfinalists at Beavercreek: Tristan Williams won 1st, Shreyas Krishna won 2nd, Neil Heckman advanced to semis, and Reese Dunnington, Julia Ludwig, Sachet Pati, and Abby Poprocki all made it to quarters. Also at Beavercreek, Anushka Doshi and Sanvi Jha were quarterfinalists in PF. 

CDC LDers closed out the top 3 places at Copley: Megan Kleinhenz won 1st, Sebastian Istnick won 2nd, and Evelyn Johnson won 3rd. Also at Copley, in their Congress chambers, Grace  Swihart won 1st, Ayden Martin won 4th, and Jacob Coleman won 5th place. 

Also on December 9, at Vermilion, Jennah Hamdan and Rory Rohde won 1st place in PF, and novice debater Rida Tahir won 3rd in LD. 

On December 2, at Olentangy Liberty, CDC LDers took 4 out of the top 6 places: Oliver Spaulding won 1st, Julia Ludwig won 2nd, Levi Li won 4th, and Neil Heckman won 6th. 

At Olmsted Falls, CDC LDers were 3 of the top 6: Sachet Pati won 4th, Mallory Kavanagh won 5th, and Casey Gray won 6th. 

Lastly on December 2, at New Philadelphia, in LD, Sebastian Istnick won 5th, and Daniel Zakari won 6th, and in PF, Adam Stano and Dylan Molter won 3rd, and Anisha Rawal and Shakthi Prabhakaran won 4th. 


CDC Campers Rise to the Top in November Tournaments in Ohio!

On November 18, CDC LDers won 1st place at 3 tournaments around Ohio: Chris Rhodes won 1st at Copley, Tristan Williams won 1st at Mentor, and Oliver Spaulding won 1st at Notre Dame Academy. 

Additionally, at the Copley tournament, in LD, Daniel Zakari won 2nd place and Sebastian Istnick won 6th, and Griffin Moore won 3rd place and Ayden Martin won 6th in their Congress chambers.

At Mentor, 3 more CDC LDers placed: Neil Heckman won 3rd, Anshul Sharma won 4th, and Cehan Ahmad won 5th. In PF,
Vir Patel and Adonis Wazni won 4th, and Aidan Krishnaney and Zaid Ashruf won 5th. Nethra Gunda won 2nd in her Congress chamber, and Sol Rivera won 5th in IX. 

At Notre Dame, Reese Dunnington won 4th LD, Maverick O'Hara and Ben Sayer won 4th in PF, and Nikki Stein won 2nd in Congress. 

On November 11, CDC PFers won 1st at 2 tournaments: Adam Stano and Dylan Molter won 1st at Hawken, and Anisha Rawal and Shakthi Prabhakaran won 1st at Highland. 

Additionally, at Hawken, in PF, Colin Hsieh and Alex Palmer won 2nd place, and 
Aidan Krishnaney and Zaid Ashruf won 4th. And Ronak Majee won 5th in LD. 

At Highland, Adam Goe and Sam Warren won 6th in PF. In LD, Maya Baxter won 2nd place, and Addy Gerbick won 6th. In their Congress chamber, Griffin Moore won 1st, and Grace Swihart won 2nd. And Tristan Miller won 2nd in IX. 

Also on November 11, at the Princeton tournament, CDC LDers won 4 of the top 6 places: Julia Ludwig won 1st, Sachet Pati won 2nd, Tristan Williams won 4th, and Neil Heckman won 6th.  Shrija Shandilya and Anuj Kulkarni won 5th in PF. And in their Congres
s chambers, Anushka Chaba won 3rd, Sripaal Godavarthi won 5th, Carter Garrison won 5th. 

Lastly, on November 11, Esther Yang won 2nd place in LD at Sylvania Northview, and Lucy Papini won 2nd place in LD at Niles McKinley. 



Congratulations to CDC PF Team of Eric Fan and Bohan Pan for Winning Three Tournaments in a Row in Missouri!

Eric and Bohan attended CDC in 2022. They won the Missouri state championship in PF in the spring of 2023 as sophomores. They have started their junior season in dominating fashion. On October 20-21, they won 1st place in Open PF at the Parkway West Invitationals, on October 27-28, they won 1st at the Francis Howell Round Robins, and on November 3-4, they won 1st at the Greater St. Louis tournament. At both Francis Howell and Greater St. Louis, they went undefeated.  

Congrats to CDC Debaters in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Massachusetts, too!

In Pennsylvania, CDC LDer Ella Kasatkin won 1st place at the Unionville PCFL tournament on October 7, and she advanced to the quarterfinals at the Villiger tournament at St. Joseph's University on November 18-19. Also in Pennsylvania, CDC LDer Jeffery Zhang won 1st place at the Fox Chapel tournament on November 4, and he won 5th place at the Moon tournament November 18. 

In Indiana, CDC LDer Chris Chen won 4th place at the Munster Debate Meet on November 4, and he also won 4th at the Crown Point tournament on November 18. 

In Massachusetts, CDC LDer Lulu Wang won 4th place at the  Gracia Burkill Memorial Tournament in Natick on November 11. 



Congratulations to CDC Camper Robert Einhorn for Winning the 1st Place in LD at Perry!

Robert was undefeated in Lincoln-Douglas at the Perry tournament on November 4, and he took home the coveted Champion's Chair. In addition to Robert, 4 other CDC LDers advanced to the quarterfinals at Perry: Megan Kleinhenz (who ended up in 3rd place), Abby Poprocki, Tristan Williams, and Daniel Zakari. In Public Forum, the team of Anisha Rawal and Shakthi Prabhakaran went 5-0 and won 2nd place, and the team of Adam Stano and Dylan Molter were 4-1 and won 4th place. In International Extemp, Tristan Miller won 2nd place. And in their congress chambers, Ayden Martin won 2nd place, Griffin Moore won 3rd, Nethra Gunda won 5th, Grace Swihart won 5th, and Jacob Coleman won 6th. 

Also on November 4, at the Maumee Tournament, Nikki Stein won 4th place and Zoe Cheema won 5th in Congressional Debate. Congratulations! 


Congratulations to the PF Team of  University KA for Winning the 2023 Bronx Science Tournament!

University KA (Aidan Krishnaney and Zaid Ashruf) was 6-1 in prelims and then won doubles, octas, quarters, and semis at the Bronx tournament, which was held October 13-15. Instead of running the final round, they decided to be co-champions with Southlake Carroll RY. Both Aidan and Zaid attended CDC in 2022, but at that time Zaid was an LD debater. To help Zaid with the transition to PF and to prep for the 2023-2024 season, Aidan and Zaid worked with CDC PF instructor Abraham Paik last spring and summer. 

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