Classic Debate Camp   offers you the opportunity to...

  • work closely with outstanding coaches and former champions and stay in touch with them after camp

  • connect with other kids who love debate

  • gain the skills you need to reach the next level

  • prepare for tournaments - whether they are in person or online

Classic Debate Camp Debaters Start Off Strong in 2021


On January 15-16, at Wooster, 3 of the 4 semifinalists in LD were CDC campers: Emma Blemaster, Bhuvan Meruga, and Leila Hamdan, and Leila went on to win 1st place. At Berea-Midpark, in PF, the team of Sarah Hatem and Abby McGowan won 1st place, and the team of Samantha Powers and Varun Miriyala won 3rd. Also at Berea-Midpark, Kyle Boyer won 1st place in International Extemp. 


On January 9, at Canfield, in PF, Lily Meehan and Clara Leach won 1st place while Tess Patton and Julia Neal won 5th. In LD, Hannah Kelly won 1st while John Dragos won 6th. At Brecksville, CDC debaters took 4 of the top 6 places in LD: Aetan Parmar won 2nd, Dev Peyrat won 3rd, Jeremy Battle won 4th, and Allie Dettelbach won 5th. 


On December 19, at Glenoak, Drake Du won 1st place in Congress, Shreyas Teegala won 2nd place in LD, and Sophie Alber and Julianna Bragg made it to semis in PF. At Kenston, in LD, Jackson Sturtevant won 1st place and Maggie Chen won 2nd. At Howland, Rishika Gorai won 4th place in LD.


On December 12, CDC LD Debaters won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place at both the New Philadelphia tournament and the CDC December tournament. At New Philadelphia, it was Seryne Rafique, Leila Hamdan, and Divya Shanmugam (1st to 3rd) who closed out, and at CDC, it was Dev Peyrat, Aetan Parmar, and Bhuvan Meruga (1st to 3rd) who did it. Also at the CDC tournament, the PF team of Varun Tamaskar and James Cullers won 1st place, Rohan Athavale and Pranav Bodempudi won 2nd, and Samantha Powers and Apil Sanyashi won 4th. At the Vermilion tournament, Praveen Kumar won 1st in US Extemp. Congratulations to all! Way to dominate December!


On December 5, CDC LD Debaters won four of the top six places at Wadsworth, one of the largest LD tournaments in Ohio so far, with 71 competitors total. Mourad Zeynalov won 1st, Allie Dettelbach won 2nd, Eugenia Karulina won 3rd, and Emma Blemaster won 6th. In PF, CDC PF debaters won three of the top six places: Samantha Powers and Varun Miriyala won 2nd, Lily Meehan and Clara Leach won 4th, and Sophie Brandewie and Chloe Doyle won 5th. At Olmsted Falls, the PF team of Ananth Menon and Marcus Novak won 1st place and the team of Sarah Hatem and Abby McGowan won 3rd. In LD, Maggie Chen won 2nd, and Aetan Parmar won 3rd. At South Range, in LD, Hannah Kelly won 3rd, and Ed Driscoll won 5th. 

Classic Debate Camp  Offers Extemp and Congressional Debate Minicamps in 2021

along with Classic Debate Camp - Virtual

Extemporaneous Speaking and Congressional Debate will be taught again at Classic Debate Camp at Miami University in 2021. However, instead of doing a combined division, each event will have its own minicamp, with Extemp running from July 10-14 and Congress running from July 14-18. Both events will have four days of instruction followed by a one-day tournament. Students may sign up for either minicamp or for both! For more info about Extemp and Congress at CDC Miami, click here.  

Following the great success of Classic Debate Camp - Virtual in 2020, we will offer that option again in 2021, with a few modifications in the schedule. CDC-V 2021 will run from July 26 to August 6. But it will be Monday to Friday only each week. For more info about CDC-V, click here

For students who may be interested in doing both CDC at Miami and CDC-Virtual in 2021, there is a limited-time special offer. Go to our registration form for details.

Classic Debate Camp Gives Competitors a Unique Tournament Experience to Maximize Their Learning

On December 12, over 120 students convened via Zoom and participated in the second online tournament hosted by Classic Debate Camp this season. What makes our tournaments different? Among other things, our tournaments are the only ones in Ohio to feature disclosure of judges' decisions and oral critiques. In other words, immediately after each round, judges converse with debaters and give them constructive feedback that they can then apply to subsequent rounds that day. Additionally, at our December tournament, we featured cross-examination in every round of extemporaneous speaking, and we added the event of Congressional Debate.  CDC thanks all the coaches, judges, students, and staff members who made our last tournament possible. To see results and pictures, click here

University YP qualifies for Tournament of Champions!

The University School Public Forum debate team of Daniel Yan and Abraham Paik have earned 6 TOC bids so far this season: They got their bids at the Holy Cross, Yale, Bronx, Florida Blue Key, Glenbrooks, and Sunvite. Daniel and Abraham attended Classic Debate Camp together in the summer of 2018. Then Daniel attended CDC again in 2019, and Abraham attended CDC-V in 2020. Abraham's PF lab leaders included NSDA national champion coach Mr. Rich Haber and NSDA national champion PF debater Maggie Mills.  

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