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Classic Debate Camp

2021 Winter Workshop & Reunion

Who May Attend: All PF and LD Debaters plus Extempers and Congressional Debaters! Everyone who has attended CDC at Miami or CDC-Virtual is invited, but NEW friends are welcome to attend as well!

CDC Staff Members Who Will Attend: So far, in LD, Mr. James Lewis, Michael Faeges, Grace Johannes, Rachael Harris, Hannah Kim, Jack Morgenstein, and Isaiah Paik. So far, in PF, Madelynn Einhorn, David Lyons, and Abraham Paik. And in Congress/Extemp, Julia Bray. 


When: Tuesday, December 28, 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Eastern Time


Where: Online via Zoom


Schedule (tentative): 

1:00-1:30      Gathering / Reuniting 

1:30-2:30      Topic Discussions by Event

2:30-3:45      Practice Rounds / Case Workshop / Drills Session 1

3:45-5:00      Practice Rounds / Case Workshop / Drills Session 2


Cost: $5 per student (please pay by credit card here.)


Registration for the 2021 Winter Workshop & Reunion is closed. 


Questions: Email us at

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