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Why should people sign up for CDC-V instead of an online camp offered by another summer debate camp or institute?

What sets CDC-V apart from other online camps is our focus on traditional LD and a balanced approach to PF; our track record of success at the local, state, and national level; and the relationships campers and instructors build with each other at camp and maintain throughout the year. 

First, Our Unique Focus on Traditional LD and a Balanced Approach to PF: We specialize in the traditional style of debate that is the standard in Ohio and many other states. CDC students learn skills that will be directly applicable to the style of debate they will experience in their own local districts next season. While our instructors have had success on the national circuit, we don’t train our LD debaters to do the progressive style of LD and we focus our Public Forum instruction on a balanced approach that combines the best of the national-circuit style of PF and the local, lay-oriented style of PF.


Second, Our Proven Track Record: CDC graduates compete successfully at the local, state, and national level. For the past four years, the Ohio state champions in both Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum were either coached by CDC instructors or were graduates of CDC. CDC graduates have also won the California state championship in LD and the New Mexico state championship in PF. At the 2019 NSDA national tournament, a CDC graduate was a member of the national champion World Schools Debate Team, and another CDC graduate was the runner-up in LD. Undeniably, the CDC experience enables our graduates to achieve competitive success    


Third, Our Relationships: CDC is not just a summer debate camp – we are an on-going community of debaters and coaches who are formidable competitors, but also good friends. We look forward to reuniting with each other at tournaments throughout the season, and also at our annual Winter Workshop and Reunion in December. In short, CDC-V is not just another online debate camp. CDC-V is a new way for students to join the Classic Debate Camp community.

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