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Schools Attending CDC 2019
Archbishop Moeller
Davidson, Nevada
Hickman, Missouri
Madison Central, Mississippi
Monte Vista, California
Poland Seminary
Ridgewood, New Jersey
Rock Bridge, Missouri
Santa Fe Christian, California
Shelbyville, Indiana
Trinity, Kentucky
Warren JFK

Testimonials from

2018 Campers


Classic Debate Camp is the perfect camp for a debater who is looking for a local camp, with coaches who really care about their students' success. It is a great opportunity to make new friends from all over the US and learn how to improve your skills as a debater.

- Grace Cousens

It was honestly an amazing experience. I wasn’t sure what to think when I came to the camp, but after a day it was clear that this camp was incredible and I really learned a lot while I was here.

- James Maruca


As someone who goes to a small school with a team that lacks funding, I found this camp to be VERY helpful in educating me and giving me an experience that will impact my career forever.

- Robert Duncan

Classic Debate Camp allows you to make new friends in the process of gaining the great skills they have for you!

- Alyanaha Hawkins


I loved how my first elective made me a bunch of new friends. 

- Jeremiah Goard


No matter how well you might be doing at tournaments, Classic Debate Camp will definitely find things to enhance and make you your best self. 

- Ria Narang


Classic Debate Camp has been the best resource I could ask for in improving my debate performance. I will definitely sign up to attend next year. 

- Olivia Van Sickle


2019 CDC Statistics:
74 Campers Total
  • 40 male & 34 female
  • 12 srs, 24 jrs, 30 sophs, 8 fresh
  • 27 schools
  • 8 states
  • 6 recipients of CDC scholarships
  • 6 recipients of other scholarships (Voices Foundation and Wyatt Debate League)
  • 40 LD in 4 labs
  • 26 PF in 2 labs
  • 8 Extemp/Congress in 1 lab
  • 20 returning campers
23 Staff Members Total
  • 13 male & 10 female
  • 9 debate coaches, 6 college students, 7 recent HS grads, & 1 medical professional
  • 2019 NSDA champion in LD
  • 2019 NSDA champion in WSD
  • 2019 Ohio champion in PF
  • 2018, 2019 Ohio champion in LD
  • 2018 NCFL champion in LD
  • 2018 Ohio champion in IX
  • 2018 City Club of Cleveland champion
  • 2017 NSDA champion in LD
  • 2 national champion coaches
  • 4 state champion coaches
  • 10 returning staff members
1 Coaching Fellow