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Frequently Asked Questions about CDC-Virtual


What is the cost of CDC-Virtual? The full tuition price for CDC-V is $1290. (The full tuition for Classic Debate Camp at Miami University is $1990.) If students register before May 1, they can take an early registration discount of $100, reducing the cost to $1190. Additional discounts for returning campers, for multiple students from the same school, and for paying the camp tuition by check are also available. See the Tuition page for details. 


What if I really want to sign up for CDC-V, but my family can’t afford to pay the tuition? Please contact us by email asap. Every year, about 20% of our campers receive scholarships, and we will do whatever we can to help you join us and participate in Classic Debate Camp.


What if I sign up for CDC at Miami, but later I want to switch to CDC-V, or vice versa? You can do that. Just contact us by email in order to make that change. We will adjust your tuition accordingly.

Can I sign up for BOTH CDC at Miami and CDC-Virtual? Yes! We are offering a special package deal: You can get the benefits of both CDC at Miami and CDC-Virtual for a combined price of $2000. Students who attend both sessions will be placed in a different lab, and they will learn from different instructors during CDC-V. 

What if I have more questions about CDC-V? Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at or call us at 216 857-0070.

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