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Classic Debate Camp Gives Competitors a Unique Tournament Experience to Maximize Their Learning

On December 12, 2020, over 120 students convened via Zoom and participated in the second online tournament hosted by Classic Debate Camp this season. What makes our tournaments different? Among other things, our tournaments are the only ones in Ohio to feature disclosure of judges' decisions and oral critiques. In other words, immediately after each round, judges converse with debaters and give them constructive feedback that they can then apply to subsequent rounds that day. Additionally, at our December tournament, we featured cross-examination in every round of extemporaneous speaking, and we added the event of Congressional Debate.  CDC thanks all the coaches, judges, students, and staff members who made our last tournament possible. See the tournament results in the slideshow below as well as pictures.

Click on any picture below to open up the picture viewer. Enjoy!

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