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Dear Classic Debate Camp Friends,


“Stop the spread” was the motto we put on our first water bottles in the summer of 2017. Of course, at the time, we were thinking of the debate practice of spreading – i.e., speed reading, one of the hallmarks of progressive LD.  Little did we know that three years later we’d be in the midst of a real pandemic and that we’d all be called upon to slow down the spread of a real disease. In this time of uncertainty and anxiety, we want to give you a few important messages:


First and foremost, we care about you.  Though we are not physically with each other right now, together we have created a real community over the last four years.  And the bonds we have built with our Classic Debate Camp friends are the greatest gift that Classic Debate Camp has given us.  Those bonds are real, and they are on-going, even in the midst of this emergency. We encourage you to reach out to each other and reach out to us – anytime – by phone (216 857 0070) or email (classicdebatecamp@gmail.com).  When you are able, give each other support, and when you are in need, turn to each other for support. We know that you have other communities that are primary in your lives, but we want you to know that we are here for you, too. 


Second, your safety and well-being are the #1 priority.  Please follow all the guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and other medical and government authorities.  We’re sure you have heard them multiple times by now, so we won’t repeat them here.  But we will say that what matters is that we all follow through and actually do each step – not just for our own sake but also for the sake of others who are more vulnerable than we.


Third, if you are just joining the Classic Debate Camp community this year, we are still looking forward to meeting and working with you in person this summer.  We are in communication with Miami University, and they are planning to hold all their summer programs as scheduled.  Since Classic Debate Camp will be July 11-19, about four months away, we are hopeful that things will be going back to normal by then.  Of course, we are aware that things may not go according to our plans. If it becomes necessary to change our plans, we will inform everyone as soon as possible.


Fourth, we are developing a back-up plan to do Classic Debate Camp 2020 remotely, in case it is impossible to do our program in person at Miami University this year.  We are consulting with an educational technology expert, Ms. Lisa Ulery, who will help us set up the online platform through which we will provide instruction.  (See Ms. Ulery's bio on the Administrators page.) If it comes to this, we will likely bring on more staff, so that we can reduce our student to staff ratio from 4 to 1 down to 3 to 1 or better, so that each staff member can give more attention to our campers.  


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.  Be safe and healthy! And also do your part to protect the safety and health of others in our larger community.  


On behalf of the entire Classic Debate Camp Staff,

Peter Paik