What will CDC-V (Classic Debate Camp-Virtual) look like? 

Most importantly, CDC-V campers will share in the lab experience and enjoy working and learning alongside other eager debaters. (See our 2020 lab groups here.) CDC-V will prioritize interactive contact time with instructors over pre-recorded modules and lectures, increase the number of instructors to improve our staff to student ratio (in 2020, we had 4 instructors for 10 debaters in each PF lab), and maintain the daily and weekly schedule of CDC to preserve the integrity of the curriculum.


First, Preserving the Lab Experience: The lab group functions as each camper’s learning team. But instead of meeting in a classroom, lab groups will meet in Zoom video conferences. Lab time will include synchronous learning with the whole lab, small group work with 3-4 students, and one-on-one sessions with instructors, as well as time to work off-line by oneself or with one’s partner. In their labs, students will discuss the resolution, brainstorm arguments, workshop cases, develop blocks, work on drills, participate in practice rounds, receive feedback on their progress, and have fun together.


Second, Prioritizing Interactive Contact Time: CDC-V will maximize the “contact time” between campers and instructors, so that instruction can be more interactive and tailored to the particular needs of students and so that there is more opportunity for campers and instructors to build their relationships with each other. In other words, while there will be time built in for campers to do work off-line, there will be minimal use of recorded lectures or modules that they just watch by themselves. 


Third, Increasing the Number of Instructors: Students will be divided into lab groups of about 8-12 students and 3-4 instructors. Our hope is to bring on more instructors for CDC-V than we would have for CDC at Miami University. If possible, we will improve our staff-to-student ratio from 1-4 to 1-3, in order to increase the number of top-notch instructors that campers will have access to and increase the amount of individual attention campers will receive. 


Fourth, Maintaining the Daily and Weekly CDC Schedule: CDC-V will follow the same basic schedule that CDC has been using for the past four summers, with just a few adjustments. Here is a tentative schedule for a typical day of CDC-V:


10:00-11:00  All-camp morning assembly with Mr. Paik

11:00-1:00    Morning lab and work-time

1:00-2:00       Lunch break (campers may eat with each other and with instructors)

2:00-3:00       LD/PF division meetings (all LD/all PF campers learn together)

3:00-5:00       Afternoon lab and work-time

5:00-7:00       Free time and dinner break

7:00-8:00       Electives and Fun Activities (on alternating days)

8:00-9:00       Evening lab and work-time

9:00-10:00     Office hours (instructors will be available for all campers)

10:00-11:00   Game Time (optional)


Altogether, students will have about 8-9 hours of live instruction per day. On the final two days of CDC-V we will hold an online debate tournament in which everyone will compete. After each round of the tournament, students will receive extensive oral critiques from their judge.

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