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The Instructors of 2020 Classic Debate Camp-Virtual

1st row: Ms. Muhlbach**^, Mr. Paik*^, Mr. Lewis**^, Rachael Harris, Bella Willhite^

2nd row: David Lyons*, Mr. Haber*^, Shreyaa Nagajothi**, Edith Lui, Madelynn Einhorn

3rd row: Nick Protasiewicz^, Katie Blowers, Karishma Ponkshe, Anish Ganesh, Nikki Peter

4th row: Hannah Kim, Natalie Schaller*, Kennedy Hughes*, Maya Arora*, Maggie Mills*^

5th row: Isaiah Paik, Grace Johannes*, Nehal Chigurupati**, Sasha Haines*^, Zach Paganini

* National Champion or National Champion Coach

** National Runner-Up or Coach of National Runner-Up

^ State Champion or State Champion Coach

What will CDC-V (Classic Debate Camp-Virtual) be like? 

CDC-V campers will get the full lab experience. They will enjoy working closely with our expert and caring staff members and enjoy learning alongside other eager debaters. CDC-V will prioritize interactive contact time with instructors over pre-recorded lectures. CDC-V will maintain our exceptional staff to student ratio of better than 1 to 3 overall (27 instructors for 71 students). In 2020, every lab had 4 instructors and 10-14 students so that there were plenty of opportunities for individualized instruction.  CDC-V will follow a shorter daily schedule than in-person camp in order to limit screen time. 


First, Preserving the Lab Experience: The lab group functions as each camper’s learning team. But instead of meeting in a classroom, lab groups will meet in Zoom video conferences. Lab time will include synchronous learning with the whole lab, small group work with 3-4 students, and one-on-one sessions with instructors, as well as time to work off-line by oneself or with one’s partner. In their labs, students will discuss the resolution, brainstorm arguments, workshop cases, develop blocks, work on drills, participate in practice rounds, receive feedback on their progress, and have fun together.


Second, Prioritizing Interactive Contact Time: CDC-V will maximize the “contact time” between campers and instructors, so that instruction can be more interactive and tailored to the particular needs of students and so that there is more opportunity for campers and instructors to build relationships with each other. In other words, while there will be time built in for campers to do work off-line, there will be minimal use of recorded lectures or modules that students just watch by themselves. 


Third, Modifying the CDC-V Daily Schedule: Knowing that it is not healthy for students or instructors to be on screen for an excessive number of hours each day, CDC-V will meet for a shorter amount of time each day compared to in-person CDC and spread out instruction over 10 days: July 26-30 (Monday-Friday) and August 2-6 (Monday-Friday).  Saturday and Sunday, July 31-August 1, will be off days for all campers. Here is the tentative daily schedule for CDC-V in 2021:


11:00-11:30  All-camp morning assembly with Mr. Paik

11:30-2:00    Morning lab

2:00-3:00       Lunch break (campers may opt to eat together with instructors)

3:00-4:00       LD/PF division meetings (all LD/all PF campers learn together)

4:00-6:00       Afternoon lab 

6:00-7:00       Electives 

8:00-9:00       Office hours (optional time to work with individual instructors)

9:00-10:00     Game Time (optional time to socialize)

Altogether, students will have about 7 hours of live instruction per day. On the final day of CDC-V we will hold an online debate tournament in which everyone will compete. After each round of the tournament, students will receive extensive oral critiques from their judge.

We plan to start at 11:00 a.m. every day in order to accommodate campers and instructors in later time zones. (Last summer we had a student who joined CDC-V from Guam, with a 14-hour time difference!)

See why CDC-V is a better choice than other online debate camps here.

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