The Classic Debate Camp

2020 Winter Workshop & Reunion

Thanks to everyone who attended the fourth annual Classic Debate Camp Winter Workshop and Reunion on Tuesday, December 29, 2020. We welcomed a record number of students, 43, representing 19 schools and 6 states. Students from Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Virginia, and North Carolina participated along with the students from Ohio. Altogether, 13 staff members also volunteered their time to provide instruction and reconnect with old campers. Maya Arora, Nehal Chigurupati, Anish Ganesh, Rachael Harris, Grace Johannes, James Lewis, Hannah Kim, Maggie Mills, Isaiah Paik, Karishma Ponkshe, and Nick Protasiewicz joined Camp Director Peter Paik and Administrative Assistant Edith Lui. 

Enjoy the pictures below. Click on a picture to open up the viewer and see the pictures enlarged.