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CDC Debater Nehal Chigurupati Wins

2nd Place in Lincoln-Douglas

at the 2019 NSDA National Tournament

and National Champion Grace Johannes

Joins CDC LD Staff

At the 2019 NSDA national tournament in Dallas, Junior Nehal Chigurupati of University School, Ohio, went 11-1 in preliminary round ballots and then was undefeated in elimination rounds before the finals. In the final round, Nehal was defeated by Grace Johannes of Liberty High School, Missouri. Nehal attended CDC in 2016, 2017, and 2018, and he will be returning in 2019 to be our first 4-year camper! And Grace will be coming to CDC as a junior instructor. (See her bio on the LD staff page.) So both the national champion and the runner-up will be at CDC this summer!


CDC Congratulates 2019 World Schools Debate Champion Kennedy Hughes

and Her WSD Teammate David Lyons

Joins the CDC PF Staff!

Also at the 2019 national tournament, Kennedy Hughes of Vermilion High School, Ohio, and the North Coast Yellow team won 1st place. Kennedy attended Classic Debate Camp in 2018. Kennedy's WSD teammate David Lyons will come to CDC as a PF instructor. Clare Abboud competed in Big Questions debate and won 6th place. (See his bio on the PF Staff Page.) In addition to Nehal, five CDC debaters competed in LD at nationals: Bryce Edison, Hannah Kim, Tony Liu, Karishma Ponkshe, and Matt Rossi. Matt advanced to round 11 (the top 23), and Karishma went 11-1 in prelim ballots and made it to round 9. Four CDC debaters competed in Public Forum: Anish Ganesh, Nate Mayor, Hannah McCullough, and Abraham Paik. Anish and Abraham advanced to round 10. In round 7, they defeated Lincoln-Sudbury, the team that won 1st place. Nate and his partner Sukhm Kang advanced to round 12 (the top 17). In addition to Kennedy, six CDC debaters competed in World Schools: Robert Duncan, Marcus Novak, Audrey Owens, George Sdregas, Tia Speece, and Bella Willhite. Freshman Drake Du of Revere competed in Congressional Debate and reached the semifinals in the Senate. Tony Liu also competed in Extemporaneous Debate and reached round 11 (the top 12 out of about 870 competitors). Congratulations to all CDC debaters who participated in the 2019 NSDA national tournament!

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